Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Riddler - New Intel

Almost forgot; there's a very interesting document I've happened across...It details communication between somebody as of yet unknown and the Riddler...

'After the Arkham Asylum Incident in 2009, this was retrieved from the Ridder's computer system by the Gotham City Police Department. The transmission occured a few months before the incident itself.

In the following document, the Riddler is identified with the letter 'R'. The other person has so far only identified himself/herself with the letter 'B'.

March 03, 2009

B: Hello there.
R: Who the hell are you? How did you get into this network?!
B: The same way you did; don't worry, the line's clean. And I'm nobody in particular.
R: What do you want?
B: Actually this is about what you want...
R: What could you possibly have that I would want?
B: Information.
R: Unless it's the identity of the Batman, I'm not interested.
B: Oh Heavens no. Everybody knows who he is; Dr. Strange, Bane...Even yourself, if you take time to fit the pieces together. No, I have information that Batman himself would kill for and I can give it to you.
R: Alright, obvious question; why should I trust you?
B: No particular reason, but if you stop trying to trace this signal (it won't work), I can show you what you've been missing out on.
R: You can see me...!
B: Bravo. Unfortunately it won't be the other way around. Paranoia aside, I know how spine-chilling it is to know you're being watched. I know how the balance of power shifts if I were to say 'my cross-hairs are on your back'. But would I be bluffing? Am I bluffing now? Would you really want to take that gamble?
R: Somebody's having fun...!
B: Indeed, one can get carried away, but the information I have is as valuable to the criminal underworld as it is to the authorities. If you knew what it was, you could play them against each other.
R: If it's that valuable, why don't you?
B: I'm not that 'well established', so to speak, unlike yourself. I've admired you for some time now. Very few people recognise the value of intellect...Including the intellectuals themselves. If I may be bold enough to say so, people are starting to realise that you're all 'bark' and no 'bite'; they don't take you seriously enough. You focus all your efforts on trying to show how much of a genuis you are, when you could be proving it.
R: What do you have in mind?
B: How can I put it; I think you should prove that...You're not to be trifled with...I know it's bringing in brawn to support the brain, but actions definitely can shout louder than words will ever scream.
R: You mean deaths.
B: Bravo again. How you conduct them is up to you, but speaking as a fan I'm very eager to see what you can accomplish. If you are successful, I shall arrange a one-to-one meeting where you shall learn (verbally of course) the true identity and the real name of the Joker.


As you can imagine, GCPD are very keen to track down the Riddler's accomplice. This is the only contact we've had from him/her and we are certain that he/she will make contact again. But why? What is this contact's motive? Why should he/she make that much effort to contact the Riddler and why at that particular point in time? Is he/she hiding something? Does the letter 'B' mean anything to his/her indentity?

GCPD, along with the staff at Arkham Asylum, are appealing to anybody who may have any clue as to whom 'B' may be. If he/she is telling the truth, then interception will potentially save lives and uncover one of the greatest mysteries surrounding one of the most dangerous criminal masterminds.'


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Check Up

Hope you'll all been well! ^^

If you don't like soap-box rants, then I suggest you don't have a look at David Mitchell's YouTube channel, either...

Now then, I find certain things very annoying...And most of the annoyances are annoying because I can't express how they annoy me so! So bare with me...

You see, I'm certain you'll know how much I love my science-fiction...But did you also know that it doesn't necessarily make me a 'geek' or a 'nerd'?

Astonishing, isn't it...?

Simply, I cannot abide the terms 'geek' and 'nerd' and such, because they are extremely vague classifications of 'social groups' that are fuelled by popular media perceptions (also why I don't like 'emo', 'mosher', 'goth', etc or worst of all; 'Hipster').

Media perceptions force people who like particular things under a particular umbrella (he likes 'Star Trek', he's definitely a 'geek'! That girl has a Twitter account! She must be a 'computer-nerd'! And so on...) and as such, the people are not seem in any other way (aka STEREOTYPING).
   Take for example the dramas that the US comes up with...One of my favourites is 'NCIS', but even that is saturated with stereotypes; Abby, the forensic scientist who is 'classified' as a 'goth' and seems to like nothing else apart from black and death (but wait! She's cute and really clever with a 'surprisingly' lovely personality, which makes her 'kinda quirky' -_-). And then there's Dr. Mallard, the wonderful British (yep, the Americans can't distinguish between English and Scottish, so they just call him British) pathologist who always shares historical yarns and tales of his past exploits. Nothing stereotypical there, really...But once you know he's of a 'certain age' and tells his stories to the cadavers he operates on, it's the point where you think 'here we go...' Moving on, there is a former Isreali Mossad agent operating within the team who frequently gets US colloquialisms muddled (borderline racism there, I think). And not forgetting McGee, who is a whizz with computers and loves all things tech (have a wild guess what others call him) and lastly; DiNozzo, the egotistical womaniser who loves films. 'Hang on' I see you think in your face 'don't most people like films?' Oh yes, but this is American television and as such, DiNozzo is really the only person in the main cast who ever watches, quotes, enjoys and talks about films...Everytime a film or something related is mentioned to/between other characters, they round it off by stating that DiNozzo needs to know! (Newsflash, NCIS! More than one-out-of-eight people like films, y'know!)

The point is; media seems to think that once a character has a particular like/dislike, then the whole essence of that figure must be based around it and they must not be allowed to stray into other territories!

Only one quote from a Mel Brooks classic can help me here; "Bullshit!"

And it's seeping over here too; like all the fast food eateries, the language, the humour...American styles of media presentation are here, destroying all that isn't! (Okay, a bit dramatic, but the point still stands!) Take for example, 'The Fades' which started on BBC Three recently...It was a nice little dark-fantasy idea, kept you asking questions and displayed potential. However, one of the characters would not shut up comparing situations to films and quoting them (oh hello DiNozzo) so, naturally, he was the only person who ever talked films! Bravo BBC, you're not commercial, but you're getting there!

The worst affected are comedies; when things such as the aforementioned happen, programmes can flatline easily and they all too easily rely on cheap laughs and 'abnormalities' to display humour (the media seems to have a problem with anybody who they do not deem 'normal'...It's perception-based; NOBODY IS 'NORMAL'), which is why I'm not really all that keen to watch 'New Girl' (but I'll check it out), despite the fact that the incredible Zooey Deschanel is in the impersonal eponymous role. Zooey is a wonderful, free-spirited lady, which was perfectly shown in 'Yes Man' without being too patronising, so to me, Fox (evil anyway) casting her based on how they see her as 'different' and branding her as 'quirky' & 'adorkable' *VOMIT* is basically on par with humiliating the disabled or people of other ethnic origins, saying 'hey world! Look how 'abnormal' this person is! Let's laugh at her! It's funny because 'normal' people don't act like her, right?!'


And that is also why I do not find 'The Big Bang Theory' as funny as others do.

So there you have it; media is just a group of bullies, mocking and laughing at those who are 'different', forgetting one fundamental truth that makes us who we are...

We're all different...And it's absolutely marvellous.


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

What Dreams May Come...

Inspiration; one word you can take from other people and give to so many more. It makes you think, makes you perform, makes you do what you wouldn't have dreamed of otherwise. It can lead to passion and determination; the very driving forces of our futures and what we so desire from them. We all have our paths and where we go is up to each and every individual person and as long as we have the focus and energy, we can go anywhere, be anywhere, do anything, BE anything and have the dedication to be unstoppable whilst we're at it...!

But it can all come crashing down, grinding to a halt...

By that loose lash that gets stuck to your eyeball.

I hope we've learnt something here.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Just a Quick Word...

Fellow fellows, fay and faun! Hope all is well!

Maybe I haven't been saying much, probably because when I do I want it to matter. So here's something that matters...

Recent activity informs me that the beloved Bradford Playhouse where I and half of you, my dear followers, frolick, will possibly be heading towards liquidation.

First thing that springs to mind; 'liquidation? But it's run by the community for the community and everyone who wishes to partake, isn't it...?' Well yes, of course, but there is the dreaded 'B' word. (And I mean Business, you naughty faun!) Basically if it wasn't for 'The Priestly Centre for the Arts' the Playhouse would not be...

I'm not one to divulge in this sort of thing, because it's big and complicated and nonsensical. However, I will be attending a meeting which will decide the future of the Playhouse very soon. Like anybody with an ounce of decency, I dearly hope the future will be everlasting.

Creativity is at the core of the Playhouse and that is something that cannot be destroyed by business suits looking to make profits for themselves, no matter how hard they try.

Like science, the arts matter.

UPDATE: Post-meeting; apparently the Playhouse *is* going into liquidation regardless. All we need is an already existing company that can keep the building running (whilst the Board is disbanded and the slate is wiped clean) until somebody can step in for the Playhouse and keep the doors open for the long-term...

As far as we know, nobody is willing to step in; I've appealed to those who should know via Twitteroo, but no answer so far...

Will Mandrake's Magnificent Machine fire-up again? We'll see...Doug remains optimistic, but I can't tell if it's pure positivity or if he has something up his sleeve...

Hopefully it's the latter!

'NOTHER UPDATE: Last night was our weekly PAAAF get-together...Despite delivering the sad news to the others, we remained optimistic in the sense that even though the Playhouse may be shutting its doors, PAAAF will still live on. Mandrake's Magnificent Machine and Doctor Faustus *will* happen...Maybe just somewhere else!

'But where?', I hear you think; well, plenty of venues and spaces are available and I think it would be wise to start thinking about asking around. So will it be the Delius Arts Centre? The National Media Museum? The Alhambra Studio? Ooh the possibilities!

Personally I hope we get to invade *AHEM* borrow the Media Museum for our frolicks...Just like Paper Zoo's performance of 1984, it's entirely possible to use the Pictureville Cinema (and with the convenience of a projected screen, which would allow us to bring back the ideas we had for Mandrake the first time around).

Anyway, that's what's new. Plus, in spite of the gloomy outlook for the Playhouse, we came up with some wonderful material last night. And long may it continue!

Quite simply; goodbye, dear Playhouse.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Jurassic Park IV...?

People! Are you all well? Good! Because here's something that'll make you have a turn...

At the magic of the San Diego Comic-Con, they were bedazzled by the appearence of none other than Mr. Steven Spielberg! Almost as historic as Harrison Ford appearing last year to talk Star Wars for the first time!

However, a bombshell was dropped...And not necessarily a good one...He has announced that a fourth installment of the Jurassic Park films would be made within the next two or three years.

Don't get me wrong; the Jurassic Park trilogy is one of my favourite trilogies (along with Back to the Future & The Matrix) and aside from Star Wars, one of my first great celluloid loves...But that's what it has always been; a trilogy. The first was a cinematic piece of magic that only Spielberg could deliver and The Lost World: Jurassic Park followed with a completely different tone packed with more thrills than the first and Jurassic Park III was a fun ride with some awesome new dino-action and a great ending for the trilogy (and that's ONE reason #4 isn't a great idea).

The news is also worrying because of the last time Spielberg added a 'fourth to the trilogy'...And to be fair, he hasn't been on top form since the turn of the millennium (so far Catch Me if You Can and Munich have been the only decent pictures since) and seems to have had a recently-developed (but major) handicap with Third Acts and endings (A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Minority Report, War of the Worlds, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, etc).

Anyway, I remember soon after Jurassic Park III was released and heard reports that they were to introduce the aquatic prehistoric creatures for a fourth film...Then a few years later I remember some barmy ideas floating around (militarised/weaponised Raptors, for instance). After a period of silence, it was reported around 2006/2007 that Spielbarg had a story and Joe Johnston was on board to direct again with both Sam Neill AND Jeff Goldblum returning; very promising news!

Unfortunately tragedy struck in 2008 when Michael Crichton, author of the original Jurassic Park and The Lost World novels, passed away. By this time, the franchise was floating in limbo anyway and soon afterwards, they announced that they would lay it to rest in memory of Crichton; along with the passing of Bob Peck (Robert Muldoon, Jurassic Park) in 1999 and the great Pete Postlethwaite (Roland Tembo, The Lost World: Jurassic Park) earlier this year, I still maintain that the franchise remaining as a trilogy is the best choice.

Now for your benefit, I give you the report of the bombshell itself...


Not one mention of Crichton either from the reporter or Spielberg himself (and if the film was to be dedicated to MC, I'd be happier about the whole thing), however the reporter finishes with this self-satisfying flourish; "And that's about the best news we've heard since they invented the electric car."

I plead just one question; is it...?



Bob Peck
Michael Crichton
Pete Postlethwaite

You three brought so much to so many...

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

"Thanks for the advice...!"

Haven't posted in a while, so I thought start off by welcoming my brand spanking new follower Sarah (whom I've actually known for years, now) and to say to you other three; be kind! Otherwise, she'll use the word 'meanie' and disguise the evilness by being oh-so-innocent! (It works, actually!)

Now then! Where would we be without a few rules? Yes, Al Murray could very well tell you, but you need a bit of order, even if it's for the simple things...

As inspired by 'NCIS', 'Star Wars' & 'Sherlock' (and maybe a little from the great James Arnold Taylor), I have created a set of 'rules' that I believe can get one through the trials and tribulations of life as we know it! I'm not saying you have to follow them of course, but it's just another thing I could maybe inspire somebody with!
#01: Know your limits/’Know thyself’
#02: Be positive
#03: Exercise discipline
#04: Always listen
#05: Always observe
#06: Be Responsive
#07: Be upfront
#08: Never underestimate
#09: Happiness can be infectious; spread it!
#10: Unless there’s a damn good reason not to, always accept an offer
#11: Fair trade
#12: It’s illegal for a reason
#13: Your decision, your responsibility
#14: Your responsibility, your decision
#15: No-one is below you
#16: If someone looks like they need a hug, give ‘em one
#17: If you love someone, tell them
#18: Seek closure...If successful, walk away
#19: Life lessons aren’t taught, they are experienced
#20: Nature is precious; preserve it
#21: Appreciate and respect what you have
#22: A dream is only limited by your reality
#23: Never think you’ve done your best; otherwise, you’ll never do any better
#24: Mathematics and science; they work!
#25: You can’t argue with facts (opinions, however...)
#26: Accept others’ beliefs and views
#27: When making a point, offer something to think about
#28: The arrogance of some blinds the wisdom of many
#29: There are always alternatives...Find them
#30: When all else fails, think logically, literally and laterally
#31: People lie...
#32: If there’s no reason to lie, why would you?
#33: Trust is a powerful ally; make sure you know who to give it to
#34: Can you ever truly know how somebody feels?
#35: If something seems too good to be true, make sure it is or not
#36: When it counts, be sceptical
#37: It pays to be thorough
#38: Remember time moves forward; you can only move forward with it
#39: Hope is always present; grab as much of it as you can
#40: A creative mind is a wonderful thing to utilise
#41: Focus; the mind must be clear in order to see
#42: You are your own unique, individual person, so be an original, not a copy
#43: Different is good; don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise
#44: Perseverance will get you somewhere
#45: Be prepared to face the unknown; the fear will turn into excitement
#46: It’s not the subject; it’s how you deal with it that matters
#47: Life is what you make it

If you think I've missed out any important topic or subject (I know I've forgotten at least one thing), please do let me know!

Until next time!


P.S. The Western is coming along nicely! The horses have names now! (Thanks to Sarah! Hehe)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Writing, Writing...You Can Have that in Writing.

A-hello! Haven't spoken for a while...Okay; haven't written for a while...Fine! Haven't TYPED for a while! Happy?!

*AHEM* Anyway, hope all has been well!

Stuff's been slowly happening...Recently I received my first official Writers' Guild of America (West) certificate of registration. My first original screenplay has been accepted! Yay! Now all I can do is wait...

I know that it's a small chance somebody may happen upon it and think 'hmm...' in a very interested sort of way at the very least, but I like to imagine!

Consider; my script is set in the UK and it's not entirely clear because I purposefully left it ambiguous due to the secretive nature of the organisation within the script. However, somebody in the good ol' US of A may read it assume it's set in the US (actually, my good American friend Jimmy did just that...despite the English colloquialisms/dialects and equally English countryside...and a cup of tea), therefore, if they happen to like it and contact me about it, they're going to want it set in the USA as such...

Now then! I can imagine what sort of turn the conversation may take but I will defend the English setting to the last! If that fails, I will tell them something along the lines of; 'okay, let's say we do this in the US, I only want one thing in return...Milla Jovovich. You get Milla Jovovich for me as the main female lead and I will go over every page in the script and rewrite every English detail and change it to an American setting...instead of the countryside, I'll set in in Utah...I don't care, as long as you get in touch with Milla Jovovich...Or Kate Walsh...Or Olivia Wilde...Any of the three, actually...I can see either as a kick-ass mother!'

Basically, I know who I'd want if it was an American script! Still not sure who the English equivalent would be...Okay, challenge for you beautiful followers! The character is (Police) Sergeant Faye Templar; wife, mother-of-two, strong-willed, determined, fiercely loyal and loving (and, above all, English) and I would like you to come up with suggestions for which actress you think could fit the bill!

Suggestions on a postcard! (Or in the reply section...Whichever suits you) Pretty please?

Type you soon!


By the way, did I tell you I'm following Neil Gaiman on Twitter?
By another way, did I also mention I'm writing a Western script AND an epically-scaled science-fiction script?

Saturday, 21 May 2011

"Life will find a way..."

Okay, rapture nonsense out of the way! See we're all here! Isn't it wonderful? Can't see why silly religions all seem to strive for a purpose as to the existence of life in every way, shape and silhouette, because all that matters are the facts and the facts are that life on Earth was a simple accident, that's all...just a wonderful...barmy...baffling, fabulous accident! And here you all are!

See, you funny humans are the only beings on Earth to question their own existence; everything else on Earth, all other animals, they just 'are'...they live out their lives, accept it, no fuss and just love it and get on with it!

Yes...Sorry if this post reads a bit 'preachy' or some such, but I find it comforting and exciting to take a leaf out of our Time-Lord books; life is what you make it, so just live it! (That's why it's called 'life', apparently...) Enjoy!


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Funday 09 - Science; It Works!

Since this is #9 and it corresponds to my favourite Doctor, I think this Funday may be the last for a while (there may be more in the future, but if even I don't know, it'll make it more interesting! Hopefully...)

Fear not! (You are fearing, aren't you? Oh well...) I shall blag some vaguely amusing and interesting stuff within time and hopefully keep an account of productive stuff!

But let's have fun first!

Face it; cool cats are cool!

I say! Steampunk Shenanigans!

Just off the record...

Apparently it wasn't the only result of Chernobyl! (you'll see why on July 1st!)

Couldn't give a...

He gets it, too...

Round THAT off to the nearest decimal point!

I'd love to say 'read-it', but imagine what that could spawn...!

En garde! *Scribbles furiously!*


Stephen Hawking is your saviour!

For some reason I'm thinking Al Murray...


Sorry, we're open!

"Look, Sir...Droids!"

I recently found out why you need to 'ping' your IP address...It's rubber band power! YEAH!


Ah, all religion is for fruitcakes...(See? you can dismiss in a non-violent way!)

Yes...I'm not a regular gamer, but they can beat me anyday! Wait...

Canes, Recorders, Crushed Velvet, Jelly Babies, Celery, Question Marks, Umbrellas, Gothic-Steampunk, Leather Jackets, Pinstripes, Bow-Ties, Fezzes, Stetsons...You heard the man! All cool!

Only Batman could argue with Batman...

A leader... *shades* with a following! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Calling all Cats all over the world! Rock it!

Yet in a second, SHE is about to tap a ladle...Daft girl...There's nothing in it! NEVER tease 'Raptors!

Ah, Starfleet, Kirk's excuse for a quickie...

House rocks...Simple as...

Pity the Sonic doesn't do wood; he could cause a synchronised reverberating vibration with the plank, causing it to propel him back onto the ship...But that's just me!

So there you go and a lesson for people, especially those religious idiots *AHEM* zealots (especially those who shove it in others' faces)...DO NOT TRY TO TRUMP SCIENCE; YOUR ARGUEMENT IS AUTOMATICALLY INVALID! THE REST OF THE WORLD HAS MOVED ON! WHY CAN'T YOU?! Seriously, what does it take?! I'm nearly begging for other worldly beings to visit us, but I'm sure intelligent life out there would have noticed that half of us are completely insane and probably won't bother to say hello! Even better, grab a TARDIS, jump back 65 million years ago and show them a T. Rex (or Spinosaurus) and THEN watch them try and preach the word of God!

Anyway, the point is; simple, good honest facts...Science creates these facts...There is so much we don't know, which is why the sane continuously search for answers...(Good ol' human curiosity; Scientists don't fear the unknown, they embrace and squeeze it to death! Actually, they poke it with a stick to see what it does, but you know what I mean!)

Religion automatically fills in what we don't know, with purely speculative dishonesty! In our quest for understanding, ancient humans came up with theories as to why things fundamentally exist...We had next to no knowledge of Scientific means back then, so we filled it with entities...BUT THEN; Dinosaurs (and other prehistoric beasts)! Planets! The Solar System! More Stars! More Planets! Galaxies! No Second Coming! Wha...The Earth revolves around the Sun?!

Understanding of Science was when people started to realise and work out important facts; how we function, how we breathe, how we think, how we live...how we exist! Unlike Religion, the rest of us are honest in that we admit we don't know everything, which is what is so wonderful about Science; is gives us so many chances to explore what could be...Take the night sky. Next time it is clear, I advise you to look up! Millions of possibilities, billions of stars, trillions of galaxies...Where would you like to start?

To my wonderful followers three, with wisdom a-plenty and savvy from thee... (end poetry) you know that basically I can deal with other people having beliefs (I prefer faith in one's self, but hey ho) and I have plenty of respect for the sensibly religious...but I don't respect them shoving it in others' faces and down their throats. I think, Chess & Tash, you two will certainly know what I mean!

(Of all the religions, Buddhism seems to be the most sensible; they practise meditation and mindfulness to help themselves and others, not a 'higher power', they don't expect anyone else to 'convert' and they're so serene...They're like the Cats of the Religions; it's awesome!)

Christianity (the core Religion the UK is built upon as we know) has been around since the time of Ancient Egyptians, who unknowingly used Science for their own beliefs...(e.g. the Great Pyramids align with Orion's Belt) so I say knickers to this Christian year-keeping; if we've really moved on from Religion these days, we shouldn't be living in the year 2011, it should be more like 6011!


P.S. Normal service will be resumed in next post, so rant over; just wanted the chance to expand some horizons to the thousands of possibilities! Life is short, so do with it what you will, but do it well!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Funday 08 - 'R'

And that's the pirate 'R'...What? 'The Curse of the Black Spot' was a great non-Moffat-written episode and 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' is on the horizon! (I saw the first TV spot! Proof!)

Now I'm wondering if I should stop the cheezburger links when the current series finishes or wait until next week...Hmm...Anyway, ponder whilst I deliver some more!

"Not now...But soon!"


You know how lightsabres 'purr'...


'Ear, 'ear!

Put a smile on that!

Well that's just Prime! I did a Sideways Sideswipe and got Skids on my Mudflap!

World - 0, Obama - 3

But what if you were to have all three...? Listen to some cool fight music whilst shooting and slashing!

For most, the small fragment dissipates during the sequels (which I love)!

Well...There you have it!



Paul, just forgive him...I can't believe you keep forgetting he's a dangerous sociopath! Haha

Now then, I want my own idea of what the inside is actually like, but...

You're welcome.

There we go...Kips and time delayed this one...Enjoy! (And however much so you are already, do be more Optimus...I mean optimistic!)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Here's the Thing...

Time flies, but it's good to know you're in the pilot's seat. (However, not everyone has a pilot's license!) And since September I've started flying a very vastly complex plane into battle. The take-off was great and some other pilots that I've met have been joyous to fly alongside with. But at the start of the new year, I accidentally flew the plane through a hailstorm of machine-gun flak.

I've tried as much as possible to regain control and fix the problems, but I *have* been trying to do this whilst a few thousand feet in the air! Fuel spilling, rudders blasted, air-pressure low and dropping...Now the wings are splitting and the engine has failed and I've been falling to Earth fast.

You know, some are qualified to fly the Harrier; but it's taken me until now that I'm not one of them, so now I'm hitting the ejector seat and saving myself before I crash and burn.

As you may have suspected, the above has been an analogy, but you may not have guessed what for...

I'm quitting my University course.

I've grown enough now to a point where I no longer have the drive for education, especially as it's voluntary (besides, what could I do with the knowledge that course dishes out; become another tutor and pass it onto more students within a cycle of tedium...) I feel the need to get major goals in life organised, so I have at least two major objectives; 1) Get work & 2) Learn to drive! (The Bradford Playhouse, where I volunteer, will have a post soon and my dear Uncle has offered to teach my driving 'when [I'm] ready'...And I feel I'll be ready VERY shortly!)

Inspiration? Well, I suppose this time it's about what we want...My decision comes after much deliberation and deciding what's important which crucially includes what I *want*. And I know I definitely don't want to continue with this course, as I know that it and I aren't compatible with each other.

I do respect the people who can and do tackle University. I also have respect not for those who think they need to do something when they so abviously don't, but respect for those who follow and chase their passions; the ones who hunt down their desires and strive for what they really want, so that they can aim high in their lives and have *careers* that they will truly enjoy.


Sunday, 1 May 2011

Funday 07 - Crafted from Dwarf Star Alloy

We're currently into 'Doctor Who' (and yes, episode 2 was incredible with an epic sonic-scene), so let's see now; 'Thor', 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides', 'Cowboys & Aliens', 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon', 'Captain America: The First Avenger' & 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'...Yep! It's going to be one heck of a year!

We had massive fun un the Urban Garden today; the people of Bradford rightly claimed the area for excitement, madness, music and to make a few good damn points! We at the Playhouse provided the madness and set up a medical tent and brought in victims...uh, patients via our ambulances which were cleverly disguised as wheelbarrows. I began as the 'Action Doctor' that Edgar Wright started an idea for on Twitter! I was aiming to spread the word and spread it like butter! Anyway, the patients were treated screaming and they left screaming with plenty of fake blood and bandages and plasters galore (though later the younger ones missed the point of the fake blood...) ! Believe it or not there was an underlying point which was about cuts to the NHS; a metaphorical point beautifully displayed when the tent kept trying to blow away in the wind and all we could do was keep it from collapsing!

There was something odd about today too...And it wasn't the Breakfast Sub (which was DELICIOUS) or the lack of pizza...Not a cloud at all in the sky; not one. Not even any jet-trails...until I pointed it out to somebody who subsequently found one...But that was only one of around four in the whole sky during the whole day! Very windy, though, so I was right not to trust it too much! Only as the sun started to set did any cloud appear, so it seemed...So yes, very odd...

Your weekly cheezburger contains all the ingredients for mirth and merriment! Even a bit of topical stuff in there too, so do keep an eye out for that! Oh yes and plenty of Time Lord goodness with a rare treat; Cybertron!

Hmm...But shall I shred first?

Aw, he's wearing a collar and tie! Wait-a-minute; who wears a collar with no shirt?!

I'll keep him posted...

Brownies...They are THAT cool. Simple.

See...Topical! Or slightly debatable...? Discuss!

And here's some madness-relief!

"They're trousers!"

The driver can't help it if your instructions aren't clear!

But Head-Bangers always seem stressed! Oh, I see...

I see the sixth dimension! It burns!

Give that man a free taco!

Funnily enough, that looks like the same type of crane from 'Terminator 3'...

Oh Beatrice, when will you learn...It's your SISTER who needs some ridicule! Start with a real face-hugger...


Horatio Caine - Enough said.

Speaking of which, 'Johnny English Reborn' will be on it's way soon!

I thought he was "rubbish at weddings"! (He's 'dropped in' on at least four other than his own that we currently know of!)

WHO YOU GONNA CALL...?! Oops, wrong franchise!

So that's your lot for this week! Now then, my younglings, what have we learnt? That's right; not all Karma is as touchingly-funny and lovely as 'My Name is Earl'...Want some really interesting Karma? The Empire blew up Alderaan, killing millions...Both Death Stars blew up, killing thousands, which means the Rebels still had a long way to go to reach the Imperial level, but there-in lies another lesson; because they didn't.

I shall leave you pondering like Yoda at that thought...

(Unless you want an awesome reminder of the stuff that's going to happen this year! See top of post for details.)

Brough to you by 'ACTION DOCTOR'! Spread the Word, Not the Disease! *Thumbs up*

Thursday, 28 April 2011

"A 'marri-arge'..."

I do believe there's a wedding soon! Ah, that old chestnut...And Kate (Ay-thang-you!)

Anyway, just a quick post because after months of it, it will soon be over. Now I'm not to fussed with it as a national (or international) event (and to be fair, I'm glad I haven't been caught up in the madness), but on a human scale, I do believe that weddings are fundamentally pointless, especially within a nation with 'dissolved' Christianity...

But that's what's so great about them! Take any wedding that 'bonds' the right people and it's clear; all that meaningless ceremony with months of preperation; all that effort, just to tell your other half that you love them! (Humans can be weird, yet wonderful! Did I say 'humans'? I meant us...As intergalactic beings...)

Say what you like about the big Royal event, but on a humane scale and, as people that are in love, I propose a toast the happy couple and wish them all the best!

Oh by the way, the new 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' trailer has been released and it is MIND-BLOWINGLY AWESOME!!!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Funday 06 - "Roll out!"

What ho? Hark! I say! Etc! Yes, you read that correctly; this is an actual SUNDAY-Funday post!

Well! It was an incredible 'Doctor Who' yesterday with more twists and turns than a...Twisty-turny thing! But the day was great too, so it added to the enjoyment. Roll on next week! And how fun that next episode is entitled 'Day of the Moon'...Just a few letters away from the third Transformers film! Speaking of which, my Masterpiece Starscream came with labels and you had options to select which label design you'd like so I gave one for that Starscream and another set for my other Starscream! ^_^

ANYWAY, as a plus, episode three is all about pirates! The fourth 'Pirates of the Caribbean' film will be out soon! I can link them further! See in 'Pirates', *Captain* Jack Sparrow was given a Black Spot and as a result ended up in Davy Jones' Locker, which he was rescued from in the third film, and the third episode of this new series of 'Doctor Who' is entitled 'The Curse of the Black Spot'! (Confused? You will be!) Exceedingly incredible and incredibly exciting! Hehe

Onwards you say? Concurred!

I wonder how they'll interrogate them for the eggs...

Peter Pan or Vashta Nerada?

Beat it!

All ICHC queries go to this guy...Or his attorney...Depending on how legal the matter is... 

And it needs to be a Meat Feast! Priorities, man!

Well, let's get your people to talk to my people and then we'll have a meeting about a meeting!

"Don't turn away!"

Wait until somebody gets 'fired'...!


So...Do I keep the shotgun?

Shades; you know what to do.

GOO! I mean, uh...WANT!

Did YOUR science teacher move a whale?

That staircase gives me an idea...

Christopher Lee...Enough said.


Time-Lord or Jedi...Not too much to ask for both?


You know how some conversations seemed 'Forced'...?

Sooner or later, the links will be actual linkity-links for ease! Anyway, another week done and...Aw it's after midnight! Was hoping to post before! Never mind, at least the day doesn't start until 0600! (According to the TV!) Better late than never, supposedly!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Funday 05 - "Trust me; I'm the Doctor!"

Yes, it's over a day late, but better late than never! Anyway, this will be the last post before the new Doctor Who series starts, so you will encounter some pics with a hint of Gallifrey in them! As a nice bookend, we both begin and end with Doctor Who-related captions...Hang on to your fez!

Cats can fit into objects smaller than themselves, anyway!

Aww, a snuggle of a snuggle of a snuggle!

The iceberg used to have an imprint that read 'CINATIT'...

"I couldn't have said it better myself!" - Dan Rowan

Funny thing is; that cat was Bill Nighy doing motion capture...

"Goodness gracious..."

Double Guevara...on the rocks!

But does the printer feel alright?

At least nobody said 'fire at Will'...

They ain't lion!

There's always one! (I'm one!)

THIS is why Canada is awesome! Apart from Ice Road Truckers, obviously!

You have been warned...

Yay! Happiness!

Aye sea!

WANT (Okay, I want a Star Wars variant, but it's still a WANT!)

Hint - He's in the border!

"Wrong Captain; wrong ship, Fett!...But I love the aesthetics; I must get the number of Picard's designer..."

If only...

Who is the Doctor in the House? What!

So there's another selection for another week...

Ooh, in regards to my previous post, I got a very nice thank you Tweet from James Arnold Taylor! See? Told you he was awesome! And he referred to me as 'friend'! Yay! So much respect for him; here's hoping to doing professional voice-work in the future for a chance to work with some of the greats such as he!

Best thing about voice-work is that it's so varied; animation, narration, imitation, exfoliation...*DRUM-ROLL* Anyway, the point is; it's a great option for acting and performing (and seriously underrated and under-valued), which is why so many actors and actresses favour the route! Just look at Mark Hamill; coming-of-nobility-hero for six years and soon after a psychotic super-villain for nearly two decades! (Speaking of which, if you liked Batman: Arkham Asylum, I strongly recommend veiwings of the trailers for Batman: Arkham City! Hehe)

I'm in a Star Wars/Doctor Who/Batman mind-set at the moment...It's like a massive No Man's Land of fan-fiction! Now, where's my Stetson...

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Funday 04 - Inspired!

For this post, I'll take the opportunity to tell you about the famous I am following on Twitter...But wait! Not just any old famous people! In the spirit of this Blog, the following (pun intended) are ones who have been especially inspiring to their fans;

NOEL CLARKE http://twitter.com/#!/NoelClarke - Always honest, regularly amusing and a true inspiration for UK film-makers and writers. Definitely wish I could meet him one day

TYRESE GIBSON http://twitter.com/#!/Tyrese - Whilst his religious side always manages to creep into his Tweets, Mr. Gibson is great to turn to for some uplifting and enlightening views on life. I've nothing against religion per se (as I'm not religious myself), however I do believe it's good to have a little faith, whether it be in entities, yourself or others

DWAYNE JOHNSON http://twitter.com/#!/TheRock - Three words have been making this awesome guy (and subsequently his fans) carry on and grab the bull (again pun intended) by the horns; 'Just Bring It'. Daunting day of work ahead? Just Bring It! Deadline closing in? Just Bring It! Continuous days of sunshine? Just Bring It!

LISA KELLY http://twitter.com/#!/LisaKellyIRT - Yep, the female Ice Road Trucker and that's why she's such a positive and ideallic role model and she's also wonderful for her sense of adventure! With an occasional Tweet of awesomeness, she never fails to brighten the day! Okay, I may like her anyway, but she really is a great source of inspiration!

JAMES ARNOLD TAYLOR http://twitter.com/#!/JATactor - My absolute favourite famous Tweeter; he has responded to me on numerous occasions, usually with words of advice and assurance. He loves his fans who love him back just as much (and why not; his voice-work is incredible! I would advise you to check out his work, stat! Haha) and his regular pearls of encouragement should always be taken note of! Also he's one of the main driving forces behind my interest in voice-work!

(And special Twitter mentions for Milla Jovovich, Stephen Fry and Edgar Wright! All for obvious reasons, of course!)

But there you go; my selection of famous-Twitterers that spread a vast amount of inspiration. Now then, onto the Funday as it's getting late!

Relax, return, repeat!

Shouldn't one side be white...?

They are no places for such atrocities!

'All that you touch, all that you sew...'

Only so much?

Republicans usually fall under this category...

Law: it works!

Never a truer sign posted...Just look both ways before crossing!

Don't you just love it when it all becomes clear?

So...I have part of a US supercomputer...?

"When THIS thing hits 88mph...!"

This is how Obi-Wan kept up to date on Tatooine.


And there we go for another week. And yes, do contemplate how awesome life is...Enough said! Until next time!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

"Riddle Me This..."

I'm starting to wonder if I have an original thought rattling around in here...Ah well...

If you've looked at my Twitteroo-action recently, you'll have noticed I've recently started playing 'Batman: Arkham Asylum'. Reactions aren't very well documented confined to 140 characters (including spaces...the cheats), though I've tried, but yes! I give the game full appraisal! The creators must've sat down early in development and thought 'we need to reference every foe Batman has ever faced in one way or another...challenge accepted!' And seeing as the setting is where the foes usually end up, it's the logical thing to do!

Plus, the Spirit of Arkham has to be the most fascinating aspect...Especially when you see Amadeus' cell...I shall 'Hush,' now!

And because of the game, I now find The Riddler a most formidible and intriguing villain...The in-game artwork depiction of him (and voice) sends to mind a particular actor who I think would be suitable enough to play him if ever he was going to be re-done in live-action...

And in true Riddler fashion, I shall set a riddle-clue for you to discover which actor I've just mentioned:

'The Slim, Blue Crane...Such characterising features.'

If you get it, do comment with the answer! I shall applaud you at the least! Haha

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Funday 03 -

Two consecutive posts...Wow, I must be on to something! Haha not really, but I simply had to post the previous post, although now it means I don't have much to say in this one...Hmm...

Whilst I have a think, do enjoy a link!

Simply...We must find him!

Now that's a diet we can adhere to!

'Thousands of years ago cats were worshipped as gods; they have never forgotton this...'

Hmm...Either that implies 'take it easy' or 'you fail'...I'm going with the former!

Putin wins...Simple

Yeah! Fight the...WAIDAMINUTE...!

President Obama tells the truth.

So...No chance of lighting up, then...?

Sorry, did you have an arguement...?

And that's it for another week; not a lot this time as you can see, but it's something! Ooh as a bonus, I found this song...It's AWESOME! 'Rock you Like a Hurricane' by Scorpions! Perfect to listen to whilst you're driving along or doing something at high speed!

Now to learn some of those riffs on the guitar...Ciao!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

"Music Matters!"

I thought I'd post something new apart from the weekly Funday thing...Yeah, probably for the sake of it; let's break some patterns! Oh yeah; rebellious!

But it's a good time and place to give a shout to my two new followers; two very awesome people who just happen to be twins! (I know, right?!) Anyway I've only met them recently but they both have been such great joys to add to the day (which is any day, really).

And in regards to this post title; they've also just served as some inspiration for me to pick up my guitar after a month or two...See Chess is learning guitar and hopefully I can show her what I know (hope that doesn't sound like bragging) because I believe that to share what you know is yet another source of inspiration (even though she's already started learning!) I can't remember what inspired me to start playing the guitar (probably wasn't inspired, I think I was only seven...or six...it was most likely one of those interests that still continues...like Star Wars), but isn't the fact that it's a mystery the best way to look at it?

So there you go...Tash and Chess; a pleasure to know them! Hopefully we'll be jammin' together soon because...*puts on shades*...they rock! *YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!*

Monday, 28 March 2011

Funday 02 - "Let the Sunshine in!"

It's a day after Funday, actually but what the heck; the past week has been spectactular! Did actually start to seriously question my University course, but last Monday's tutor talks were what I needed to hear and now some part of my attitude has incorporated the 'Just Bring It' mentalility...I'm sure it's a derivative of PMA...But holy mackerel is it great! (And I've seen Jenny, my best friend in University, for every (week) day in the week, with glorious weather...Coincidence? Of course it is! Just a bloomin' good one!)

On with the funny stuff!

How many does it take to screw one in?

Cats are always telling you soemthing...Maybe you should listen...

Look, Ma! No hands!

Couch; apply directly to forehead.

'I am Arthur, King of the Britons!' 'Wrong!'

Hmm...I now know where the milk's been going, but that ain't our cat!

'Yo-ho, yo-ho a Lolcat's life for me...'

No hat for the cat?

NB: They weren't all men!

I need mower time to think...

Makes you wonder what the upgrades are...!

If the real thing doesn't make you brick...

If they did the same with food, would it be a balanced diet?

This is exactly the sort of place I want to go to! Two genuis sketch papers to go with extra inspiration! 

'Surf Rider', 'Bustin' Surfboards', 'Surfin' USA', 'Wipeout'...Oh the suitable songs you could play!

Give that dog a cigar!

What did he do?! Apart from...Engaging in galactic warfare, betraying his commander, general destruction etc...

"Good source of potassium!"

I knew it...

Can't say Charlie Brooker hasn't warned you...

Hmm...A great discovery, it is...

Batman is Christ...You were saying...?

A challenger appears - Prof. Brian Cox uses 'Wonders of the Universe' - super effective - Brian May uses 'Queen' - very super effective! Cox and May form alliance - Universe cracks!

So there you have it for another week...Take heed of the humble napkin; for it is useful in so many ways and may hold the key to the ideas you create (next to that globule of mucus)! I carry many! (Napkins, not globules...) Ciao!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Funday 01

Huzzah! The first weekly interval of icanhascheezburger.com! Spread some joy and enjoy! :D

Maybe I should rename the previous post as 'Funday 00'...

So...they named the Cat Dave...?

Say what you like; that hula skirt suits him...

'Attack of the Clones'...?

What until you see what they did for 'Fat-Bottomed Girls'...!

I see a window of opportunity here...

Haven't found Invincibility yet...

First of all first don't breath, they absorb and second; that's an Egyptian fertility symbol

I'm not!

Somehow this seems familiar...

Do you fall off here often? :D

Cruel, crude, wrong, but oh so very funny!


Yet all I can think of is 'I wonder what sort of movie this would do for...'

I know I've seen her on TV somewhere...

THIS is the shot I want for my Boba Fett story! Well, something like it...Oops, said too much!

Many livers died to bring us this artistry...

To the toilet! *Scene transition*

I inhabit laboratories, providing oil...DO YOU?!

But which is better...?

How you doin'

Granted, governments greatly give the gift of gits...Good God!

Caution! Cat!

Inspired by the Hummer in Inception, clearly...

Sheen vs. Osbourne - The Battle Begins

Rhotacism - Now you know...

Via Up-To-Date-Man!

Ewan McGregor - Biker Jedi...Your arguement...?

The scene actually called for her to play a TRON game...Her mind was never the same again...

And there you go for another week! :D Hope it brings a smile to your day and more importantly; hope you have time to have a look! Until next time...Ciao!

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Now then, to spread the joy, my Twitteroo has been filled with Tweets relaying my favourite pics from icanhascheezburger.com at regular weekly intervals on Sundays...However, I haven't been on it for some weeks now and since I've now started the Blog, I have a good reason to break the haitus! Huzzah!

I would've started this post earlier, but it's still before 0600, so I say it's still Sunday, according to the TV schedules!

So here we go, my pick for the three of four weeks I've missed...With my own comment beneath each!

Gone crazy - Back in ten minutes!

I say, old bean! Capital idea!

But...He was just hailing a taxi!

Hmm...There's a Cat O'Nine Tails joke in here, too...

So...If you have no hypertension, logically you'd...melt?

The nemesis of the average 9-to-5 worker strikes again!

I sense Tim Vine within!


Obviously, he heard...


Well, if the American Military wants respect from other nations, this is certainly an option!

"Here come' the Judge, here come' the Judge! Order in the Court-Room, here come' the Judge!"

Are you totally sonic-ed up?

Because they're cool.

Ahh, genuis...

Wait until you see his coffee table!

Hope the image was voodoo-enabled!

Certainly something there...

You know, I never noticed before!

I think he means it, too!

So there you go for this Sunday...And I've realised the time; I think I nodded off! Ah well, better late than never! Hope you enjoy! :D

Friday, 11 March 2011

"Every star, every planet..."

It was a starry night last night and it inspired me with a few potential words of the Doctor...

'I cannot believe I've only just realised...! *tinkers with console* All these universal dimensions and parallel universes; every single one has one thing in common...They're of the same Universe! So, it almost certainly begs a few questions to which I haven't answered yet; what if there was more than just the end, what if we could go beyond every single atom of dark matter in existence...? What if...the limit was just another wall...? *insanely smiles* Right, a quick stop in Cardiff to refuel the TARDIS and then hang on to your Fez; we're going to breach the edge of the Universe!'

I hope http://twitter.com/steven_moffat will come across this! Haha

By the way, I recommend reading it all with either of these tracks playing...

Hope you enjoy! :D

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"This Could be the Start of Somethin' Big!"

Ahh, first Blog post; let's make it a good one! Or an interesting one...I mean it should have something in it at least otherwise it won't be readible...Then again it won't be readible if a cat stepped on the keyboard, looking at you as if to say 'but I'm here, do you not realise...?'

But I digress...

I don't really have that much of an aim on here, except maybe to try and bring a bit of jollity to the period of time relavent to the previous post or whenever you last read whatever I had to say. Hopefully a little happiness goes a long way!

Now then, I'm in that mode of mind still in awe of the first episode of Professor Brian Cox's 'Wonders of the Universe'.  Today my Lecturer warned me that Post-Modernism will be a big thing to tackle in the next lecture, so I told him that nothing will be as mind-blowing as 'Wonders'. I'm still trying to grasp the size and scale of our own galaxy, let alone the trillions upon trillions upon trillions of trillions of years (that's more years than atoms in the Universe itself). I can only grasp the scale of the Milky Way when it's said how fast we're travelling around the centre (hint; inhuman speeds) and it takes MILLIONS of years to make a full circuit!

Hopefully we'll have set foot on another planet in the next millennium...If not, we'll have to make do with the Moon.

Speaking of which, I have a photo that I took through the eye-piece of my reflective telescope!