Sunday, 15 May 2011

Funday 09 - Science; It Works!

Since this is #9 and it corresponds to my favourite Doctor, I think this Funday may be the last for a while (there may be more in the future, but if even I don't know, it'll make it more interesting! Hopefully...)

Fear not! (You are fearing, aren't you? Oh well...) I shall blag some vaguely amusing and interesting stuff within time and hopefully keep an account of productive stuff!

But let's have fun first!
Face it; cool cats are cool!
I say! Steampunk Shenanigans!
Just off the record...
Apparently it wasn't the only result of Chernobyl! (you'll see why on July 1st!)
Couldn't give a...
He gets it, too...
Round THAT off to the nearest decimal point!
I'd love to say 'read-it', but imagine what that could spawn...!
En garde! *Scribbles furiously!*

Stephen Hawking is your saviour!
For some reason I'm thinking Al Murray...

Sorry, we're open!
"Look, Sir...Droids!"
I recently found out why you need to 'ping' your IP address...It's rubber band power! YEAH!
Ah, all religion is for fruitcakes...(See? you can dismiss in a non-violent way!)
Yes...I'm not a regular gamer, but they can beat me anyday! Wait...
Canes, Recorders, Crushed Velvet, Jelly Babies, Celery, Question Marks, Umbrellas, Gothic-Steampunk, Leather Jackets, Pinstripes, Bow-Ties, Fezzes, Stetsons...You heard the man! All cool!
Only Batman could argue with Batman...
A leader... *shades* with a following! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Calling all Cats all over the world! Rock it!
Yet in a second, SHE is about to tap a ladle...Daft girl...There's nothing in it! NEVER tease 'Raptors!
Ah, Starfleet, Kirk's excuse for a quickie...
House rocks...Simple as...
Pity the Sonic doesn't do wood; he could cause a synchronised reverberating vibration with the plank, causing it to propel him back onto the ship...But that's just me!

So there you go and a lesson for people, especially those religious idiots *AHEM* zealots (especially those who shove it in others' faces)...DO NOT TRY TO TRUMP SCIENCE; YOUR ARGUEMENT IS AUTOMATICALLY INVALID! THE REST OF THE WORLD HAS MOVED ON! WHY CAN'T YOU?! Seriously, what does it take?! I'm nearly begging for other worldly beings to visit us, but I'm sure intelligent life out there would have noticed that half of us are completely insane and probably won't bother to say hello! Even better, grab a TARDIS, jump back 65 million years ago and show them a T. Rex (or Spinosaurus) and THEN watch them try and preach the word of God!

Anyway, the point is; simple, good honest facts...Science creates these facts...There is so much we don't know, which is why the sane continuously search for answers...(Good ol' human curiosity; Scientists don't fear the unknown, they embrace and squeeze it to death! Actually, they poke it with a stick to see what it does, but you know what I mean!)

Religion automatically fills in what we don't know, with purely speculative dishonesty! In our quest for understanding, ancient humans came up with theories as to why things fundamentally exist...We had next to no knowledge of Scientific means back then, so we filled it with entities...BUT THEN; Dinosaurs (and other prehistoric beasts)! Planets! The Solar System! More Stars! More Planets! Galaxies! No Second Coming! Wha...The Earth revolves around the Sun?!

Understanding of Science was when people started to realise and work out important facts; how we function, how we breathe, how we think, how we we exist! Unlike Religion, the rest of us are honest in that we admit we don't know everything, which is what is so wonderful about Science; is gives us so many chances to explore what could be...Take the night sky. Next time it is clear, I advise you to look up! Millions of possibilities, billions of stars, trillions of galaxies...Where would you like to start?

To my wonderful followers three, with wisdom a-plenty and savvy from thee... (end poetry) you know that basically I can deal with other people having beliefs (I prefer faith in one's self, but hey ho) and I have plenty of respect for the sensibly religious...but I don't respect them shoving it in others' faces and down their throats. I think, Chess & Tash, you two will certainly know what I mean!

(Of all the religions, Buddhism seems to be the most sensible; they practise meditation and mindfulness to help themselves and others, not a 'higher power', they don't expect anyone else to 'convert' and they're so serene...They're like the Cats of the Religions; it's awesome!)

Christianity (the core Religion the UK is built upon as we know) has been around since the time of Ancient Egyptians, who unknowingly used Science for their own beliefs...(e.g. the Great Pyramids align with Orion's Belt) so I say knickers to this Christian year-keeping; if we've really moved on from Religion these days, we shouldn't be living in the year 2011, it should be more like 6011!


P.S. Normal service will be resumed in next post, so rant over; just wanted the chance to expand some horizons to the thousands of possibilities! Life is short, so do with it what you will, but do it well!

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