Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"This Could be the Start of Somethin' Big!"

Ahh, first Blog post; let's make it a good one! Or an interesting one...I mean it should have something in it at least otherwise it won't be readible...Then again it won't be readible if a cat stepped on the keyboard, looking at you as if to say 'but I'm here, do you not realise...?'

But I digress...

I don't really have that much of an aim on here, except maybe to try and bring a bit of jollity to the period of time relavent to the previous post or whenever you last read whatever I had to say. Hopefully a little happiness goes a long way!

Now then, I'm in that mode of mind still in awe of the first episode of Professor Brian Cox's 'Wonders of the Universe'.  Today my Lecturer warned me that Post-Modernism will be a big thing to tackle in the next lecture, so I told him that nothing will be as mind-blowing as 'Wonders'. I'm still trying to grasp the size and scale of our own galaxy, let alone the trillions upon trillions upon trillions of trillions of years (that's more years than atoms in the Universe itself). I can only grasp the scale of the Milky Way when it's said how fast we're travelling around the centre (hint; inhuman speeds) and it takes MILLIONS of years to make a full circuit!

Hopefully we'll have set foot on another planet in the next millennium...If not, we'll have to make do with the Moon.

Speaking of which, I have a photo that I took through the eye-piece of my reflective telescope!

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