Friday, 11 March 2011

"Every star, every planet..."

It was a starry night last night and it inspired me with a few potential words of the Doctor...

'I cannot believe I've only just realised...! *tinkers with console* All these universal dimensions and parallel universes; every single one has one thing in common...They're of the same Universe! So, it almost certainly begs a few questions to which I haven't answered yet; what if there was more than just the end, what if we could go beyond every single atom of dark matter in existence...? What if...the limit was just another wall...? *insanely smiles* Right, a quick stop in Cardiff to refuel the TARDIS and then hang on to your Fez; we're going to breach the edge of the Universe!'

I hope will come across this! Haha

By the way, I recommend reading it all with either of these tracks playing...

Hope you enjoy! :D

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