Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Riddler - New Intel

Almost forgot; there's a very interesting document I've happened across...It details communication between somebody as of yet unknown and the Riddler...

'After the Arkham Asylum Incident in 2009, this was retrieved from the Ridder's computer system by the Gotham City Police Department. The transmission occured a few months before the incident itself.

In the following document, the Riddler is identified with the letter 'R'. The other person has so far only identified himself/herself with the letter 'B'.

March 03, 2009

B: Hello there.
R: Who the hell are you? How did you get into this network?!
B: The same way you did; don't worry, the line's clean. And I'm nobody in particular.
R: What do you want?
B: Actually this is about what you want...
R: What could you possibly have that I would want?
B: Information.
R: Unless it's the identity of the Batman, I'm not interested.
B: Oh Heavens no. Everybody knows who he is; Dr. Strange, Bane...Even yourself, if you take time to fit the pieces together. No, I have information that Batman himself would kill for and I can give it to you.
R: Alright, obvious question; why should I trust you?
B: No particular reason, but if you stop trying to trace this signal (it won't work), I can show you what you've been missing out on.
R: You can see me...!
B: Bravo. Unfortunately it won't be the other way around. Paranoia aside, I know how spine-chilling it is to know you're being watched. I know how the balance of power shifts if I were to say 'my cross-hairs are on your back'. But would I be bluffing? Am I bluffing now? Would you really want to take that gamble?
R: Somebody's having fun...!
B: Indeed, one can get carried away, but the information I have is as valuable to the criminal underworld as it is to the authorities. If you knew what it was, you could play them against each other.
R: If it's that valuable, why don't you?
B: I'm not that 'well established', so to speak, unlike yourself. I've admired you for some time now. Very few people recognise the value of intellect...Including the intellectuals themselves. If I may be bold enough to say so, people are starting to realise that you're all 'bark' and no 'bite'; they don't take you seriously enough. You focus all your efforts on trying to show how much of a genuis you are, when you could be proving it.
R: What do you have in mind?
B: How can I put it; I think you should prove that...You're not to be trifled with...I know it's bringing in brawn to support the brain, but actions definitely can shout louder than words will ever scream.
R: You mean deaths.
B: Bravo again. How you conduct them is up to you, but speaking as a fan I'm very eager to see what you can accomplish. If you are successful, I shall arrange a one-to-one meeting where you shall learn (verbally of course) the true identity and the real name of the Joker.


As you can imagine, GCPD are very keen to track down the Riddler's accomplice. This is the only contact we've had from him/her and we are certain that he/she will make contact again. But why? What is this contact's motive? Why should he/she make that much effort to contact the Riddler and why at that particular point in time? Is he/she hiding something? Does the letter 'B' mean anything to his/her indentity?

GCPD, along with the staff at Arkham Asylum, are appealing to anybody who may have any clue as to whom 'B' may be. If he/she is telling the truth, then interception will potentially save lives and uncover one of the greatest mysteries surrounding one of the most dangerous criminal masterminds.'


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  1. Very interesting! Slightly scary though. :S