Monday, 28 March 2011

Funday 02 - "Let the Sunshine in!"

It's a day after Funday, actually but what the heck; the past week has been spectactular! Did actually start to seriously question my University course, but last Monday's tutor talks were what I needed to hear and now some part of my attitude has incorporated the 'Just Bring It' mentalility...I'm sure it's a derivative of PMA...But holy mackerel is it great! (And I've seen Jenny, my best friend in University, for every (week) day in the week, with glorious weather...Coincidence? Of course it is! Just a bloomin' good one!)

On with the funny stuff!
How many does it take to screw one in?
Cats are always telling you soemthing...Maybe you should listen...
Look, Ma! No hands!
Couch; apply directly to forehead.
'I am Arthur, King of the Britons!' 'Wrong!'
Hmm...I now know where the milk's been going, but that ain't our cat!
'Yo-ho, yo-ho a Lolcat's life for me...'
No hat for the cat?
NB: They weren't all men!
I need mower time to think...
Makes you wonder what the upgrades are...!
If the real thing doesn't make you brick...
If they did the same with food, would it be a balanced diet?
This is exactly the sort of place I want to go to! Two genuis sketch papers to go with extra inspiration!
'Surf Rider', 'Bustin' Surfboards', 'Surfin' USA', 'Wipeout'...Oh the suitable songs you could play!
Give that dog a cigar!
What did he do?! Apart from...Engaging in galactic warfare, betraying his commander, general destruction etc...
"Good source of potassium!"
I knew it...
Can't say Charlie Brooker hasn't warned you...
Hmm...A great discovery, it is...
Batman is Christ...You were saying...?
A challenger appears - Prof. Brian Cox uses 'Wonders of the Universe' - super effective - Brian May uses 'Queen' - very super effective! Cox and May form alliance - Universe cracks!

So there you have it for another week...Take heed of the humble napkin; for it is useful in so many ways and may hold the key to the ideas you create (next to that globule of mucus)! I carry many! (Napkins, not globules...) Ciao!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Funday 01

Huzzah! The first weekly interval of! Spread some joy and enjoy! :D

Maybe I should rename the previous post as 'Funday 00'...
So...they named the Cat Dave...?
Say what you like; that hula skirt suits him...
'Attack of the Clones'...?
What until you see what they did for 'Fat-Bottomed Girls'...!
I see a window of opportunity here...
Haven't found Invincibility yet...
First of all first don't breath, they absorb and second; that's an Egyptian fertility symbol
I'm not!
Somehow this seems familiar...
Do you fall off here often? :D
Cruel, crude, wrong, but oh so very funny!
Yet all I can think of is 'I wonder what sort of movie this would do for...'
I know I've seen her on TV somewhere...
THIS is the shot I want for my Boba Fett story! Well, something like it...Oops, said too much!
Many livers died to bring us this artistry...
To the toilet! *Scene transition*
I inhabit laboratories, providing oil...DO YOU?!
But which is better...?
How you doin'
Granted, governments greatly give the gift of gits...Good God!
Caution! Cat!
Inspired by the Hummer in Inception, clearly...
Sheen vs. Osbourne - The Battle Begins
Rhotacism - Now you know...
Via Up-To-Date-Man!
Ewan McGregor - Biker Jedi...Your arguement...?
The scene actually called for her to play a TRON game...Her mind was never the same again...

And there you go for another week! :D Hope it brings a smile to your day and more importantly; hope you have time to have a look! Until next time...Ciao!

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Now then, to spread the joy, my Twitteroo has been filled with Tweets relaying my favourite pics from at regular weekly intervals on Sundays...However, I haven't been on it for some weeks now and since I've now started the Blog, I have a good reason to break the haitus! Huzzah!

I would've started this post earlier, but it's still before 0600, so I say it's still Sunday, according to the TV schedules!

So here we go, my pick for the three of four weeks I've missed...With my own comment beneath each!
Gone crazy - Back in ten minutes!
I say, old bean! Capital idea!
But...He was just hailing a taxi!
Hmm...There's a Cat O'Nine Tails joke in here, too...
So...If you have no hypertension, logically you'd...melt?
The nemesis of the average 9-to-5 worker strikes again!
I sense Tim Vine within!
Obviously, he heard...
Well, if the American Military wants respect from other nations, this is certainly an option!
"Here come' the Judge, here come' the Judge! Order in the Court-Room, here come' the Judge!"
Are you totally sonic-ed up?
Because they're cool.
Ahh, genuis...
Wait until you see his coffee table!
Hope the image was voodoo-enabled!
Certainly something there...
You know, I never noticed before!
I think he means it, too!

So there you go for this Sunday...And I've realised the time; I think I nodded off! Ah well, better late than never! Hope you enjoy! :D

Friday, 11 March 2011

"Every star, every planet..."

It was a starry night last night and it inspired me with a few potential words of the Doctor...

'I cannot believe I've only just realised...! *tinkers with console* All these universal dimensions and parallel universes; every single one has one thing in common...They're of the same Universe! So, it almost certainly begs a few questions to which I haven't answered yet; what if there was more than just the end, what if we could go beyond every single atom of dark matter in existence...? What if...the limit was just another wall...? *insanely smiles* Right, a quick stop in Cardiff to refuel the TARDIS and then hang on to your Fez; we're going to breach the edge of the Universe!'

I hope will come across this! Haha

By the way, I recommend reading it all with either of these tracks playing...

Hope you enjoy! :D

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"This Could be the Start of Somethin' Big!"

Ahh, first Blog post; let's make it a good one! Or an interesting one...I mean it should have something in it at least otherwise it won't be readible...Then again it won't be readible if a cat stepped on the keyboard, looking at you as if to say 'but I'm here, do you not realise...?'

But I digress...

I don't really have that much of an aim on here, except maybe to try and bring a bit of jollity to the period of time relavent to the previous post or whenever you last read whatever I had to say. Hopefully a little happiness goes a long way!

Now then, I'm in that mode of mind still in awe of the first episode of Professor Brian Cox's 'Wonders of the Universe'.  Today my Lecturer warned me that Post-Modernism will be a big thing to tackle in the next lecture, so I told him that nothing will be as mind-blowing as 'Wonders'. I'm still trying to grasp the size and scale of our own galaxy, let alone the trillions upon trillions upon trillions of trillions of years (that's more years than atoms in the Universe itself). I can only grasp the scale of the Milky Way when it's said how fast we're travelling around the centre (hint; inhuman speeds) and it takes MILLIONS of years to make a full circuit!

Hopefully we'll have set foot on another planet in the next millennium...If not, we'll have to make do with the Moon.

Speaking of which, I have a photo that I took through the eye-piece of my reflective telescope!