Monday, 18 April 2011

Funday 05 - "Trust me; I'm the Doctor!"

Yes, it's over a day late, but better late than never! Anyway, this will be the last post before the new Doctor Who series starts, so you will encounter some pics with a hint of Gallifrey in them! As a nice bookend, we both begin and end with Doctor Who-related captions...Hang on to your fez!
Cats can fit into objects smaller than themselves, anyway!
Aww, a snuggle of a snuggle of a snuggle!
The iceberg used to have an imprint that read 'CINATIT'...
"I couldn't have said it better myself!" - Dan Rowan
Funny thing is; that cat was Bill Nighy doing motion capture...
"Goodness gracious..."
Double Guevara...on the rocks!
But does the printer feel alright?
At least nobody said 'fire at Will'...
They ain't lion!
There's always one! (I'm one!)
THIS is why Canada is awesome! Apart from Ice Road Truckers, obviously!
You have been warned...
Yay! Happiness!
Aye sea!
WANT (Okay, I want a Star Wars variant, but it's still a WANT!)
Hint - He's in the border!
"Wrong Captain; wrong ship, Fett!...But I love the aesthetics; I must get the number of Picard's designer..."
If only...
Who is the Doctor in the House? What!

So there's another selection for another week...

Ooh, in regards to my previous post, I got a very nice thank you Tweet from James Arnold Taylor! See? Told you he was awesome! And he referred to me as 'friend'! Yay! So much respect for him; here's hoping to doing professional voice-work in the future for a chance to work with some of the greats such as he!

Best thing about voice-work is that it's so varied; animation, narration, imitation, exfoliation...*DRUM-ROLL* Anyway, the point is; it's a great option for acting and performing (and seriously underrated and under-valued), which is why so many actors and actresses favour the route! Just look at Mark Hamill; coming-of-nobility-hero for six years and soon after a psychotic super-villain for nearly two decades! (Speaking of which, if you liked Batman: Arkham Asylum, I strongly recommend veiwings of the trailers for Batman: Arkham City! Hehe)

I'm in a Star Wars/Doctor Who/Batman mind-set at the moment...It's like a massive No Man's Land of fan-fiction! Now, where's my Stetson...

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