Thursday, 28 April 2011

"A 'marri-arge'..."

I do believe there's a wedding soon! Ah, that old chestnut...And Kate (Ay-thang-you!)

Anyway, just a quick post because after months of it, it will soon be over. Now I'm not to fussed with it as a national (or international) event (and to be fair, I'm glad I haven't been caught up in the madness), but on a human scale, I do believe that weddings are fundamentally pointless, especially within a nation with 'dissolved' Christianity...

But that's what's so great about them! Take any wedding that 'bonds' the right people and it's clear; all that meaningless ceremony with months of preperation; all that effort, just to tell your other half that you love them! (Humans can be weird, yet wonderful! Did I say 'humans'? I meant us...As intergalactic beings...)

Say what you like about the big Royal event, but on a humane scale and, as people that are in love, I propose a toast the happy couple and wish them all the best!

Oh by the way, the new 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' trailer has been released and it is MIND-BLOWINGLY AWESOME!!!


  1. I think that Weddings are better in Spur-of-the-moment. The more Planned they are, the less "Magical" I suppose. One of the best weddings I heard about was:
    the wife to be dressed as a Living statue and dressed in a wedding dress, right where her Husband to be would be walking that day (he had just bought a coffee and was walking home) they then got a friend of theirs to marry them, right there on the street and people on the sidelines where the bridesmaids/witnesses.

  2. Now that I agree with; spontaneity is another wonderful way to show love and it's a brilliant thing to have in a great relationship.