Monday, 5 September 2011

Just a Quick Word...

Fellow fellows, fay and faun! Hope all is well!

Maybe I haven't been saying much, probably because when I do I want it to matter. So here's something that matters...

Recent activity informs me that the beloved Bradford Playhouse where I and half of you, my dear followers, frolick, will possibly be heading towards liquidation.

First thing that springs to mind; 'liquidation? But it's run by the community for the community and everyone who wishes to partake, isn't it...?' Well yes, of course, but there is the dreaded 'B' word. (And I mean Business, you naughty faun!) Basically if it wasn't for 'The Priestly Centre for the Arts' the Playhouse would not be...

I'm not one to divulge in this sort of thing, because it's big and complicated and nonsensical. However, I will be attending a meeting which will decide the future of the Playhouse very soon. Like anybody with an ounce of decency, I dearly hope the future will be everlasting.

Creativity is at the core of the Playhouse and that is something that cannot be destroyed by business suits looking to make profits for themselves, no matter how hard they try.

Like science, the arts matter.

UPDATE: Post-meeting; apparently the Playhouse *is* going into liquidation regardless. All we need is an already existing company that can keep the building running (whilst the Board is disbanded and the slate is wiped clean) until somebody can step in for the Playhouse and keep the doors open for the long-term...

As far as we know, nobody is willing to step in; I've appealed to those who should know via Twitteroo, but no answer so far...

Will Mandrake's Magnificent Machine fire-up again? We'll see...Doug remains optimistic, but I can't tell if it's pure positivity or if he has something up his sleeve...

Hopefully it's the latter!

'NOTHER UPDATE: Last night was our weekly PAAAF get-together...Despite delivering the sad news to the others, we remained optimistic in the sense that even though the Playhouse may be shutting its doors, PAAAF will still live on. Mandrake's Magnificent Machine and Doctor Faustus *will* happen...Maybe just somewhere else!

'But where?', I hear you think; well, plenty of venues and spaces are available and I think it would be wise to start thinking about asking around. So will it be the Delius Arts Centre? The National Media Museum? The Alhambra Studio? Ooh the possibilities!

Personally I hope we get to invade *AHEM* borrow the Media Museum for our frolicks...Just like Paper Zoo's performance of 1984, it's entirely possible to use the Pictureville Cinema (and with the convenience of a projected screen, which would allow us to bring back the ideas we had for Mandrake the first time around).

Anyway, that's what's new. Plus, in spite of the gloomy outlook for the Playhouse, we came up with some wonderful material last night. And long may it continue!

Quite simply; goodbye, dear Playhouse.


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