Sunday, 20 March 2011

Funday 01

Huzzah! The first weekly interval of! Spread some joy and enjoy! :D

Maybe I should rename the previous post as 'Funday 00'...
So...they named the Cat Dave...?
Say what you like; that hula skirt suits him...
'Attack of the Clones'...?
What until you see what they did for 'Fat-Bottomed Girls'...!
I see a window of opportunity here...
Haven't found Invincibility yet...
First of all first don't breath, they absorb and second; that's an Egyptian fertility symbol
I'm not!
Somehow this seems familiar...
Do you fall off here often? :D
Cruel, crude, wrong, but oh so very funny!
Yet all I can think of is 'I wonder what sort of movie this would do for...'
I know I've seen her on TV somewhere...
THIS is the shot I want for my Boba Fett story! Well, something like it...Oops, said too much!
Many livers died to bring us this artistry...
To the toilet! *Scene transition*
I inhabit laboratories, providing oil...DO YOU?!
But which is better...?
How you doin'
Granted, governments greatly give the gift of gits...Good God!
Caution! Cat!
Inspired by the Hummer in Inception, clearly...
Sheen vs. Osbourne - The Battle Begins
Rhotacism - Now you know...
Via Up-To-Date-Man!
Ewan McGregor - Biker Jedi...Your arguement...?
The scene actually called for her to play a TRON game...Her mind was never the same again...

And there you go for another week! :D Hope it brings a smile to your day and more importantly; hope you have time to have a look! Until next time...Ciao!

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