Sunday, 1 May 2011

Funday 07 - Crafted from Dwarf Star Alloy

We're currently into 'Doctor Who' (and yes, episode 2 was incredible with an epic sonic-scene), so let's see now; 'Thor', 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides', 'Cowboys & Aliens', 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon', 'Captain America: The First Avenger' & 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'...Yep! It's going to be one heck of a year!

We had massive fun un the Urban Garden today; the people of Bradford rightly claimed the area for excitement, madness, music and to make a few good damn points! We at the Playhouse provided the madness and set up a medical tent and brought in victims...uh, patients via our ambulances which were cleverly disguised as wheelbarrows. I began as the 'Action Doctor' that Edgar Wright started an idea for on Twitter! I was aiming to spread the word and spread it like butter! Anyway, the patients were treated screaming and they left screaming with plenty of fake blood and bandages and plasters galore (though later the younger ones missed the point of the fake blood...) ! Believe it or not there was an underlying point which was about cuts to the NHS; a metaphorical point beautifully displayed when the tent kept trying to blow away in the wind and all we could do was keep it from collapsing!

There was something odd about today too...And it wasn't the Breakfast Sub (which was DELICIOUS) or the lack of pizza...Not a cloud at all in the sky; not one. Not even any jet-trails...until I pointed it out to somebody who subsequently found one...But that was only one of around four in the whole sky during the whole day! Very windy, though, so I was right not to trust it too much! Only as the sun started to set did any cloud appear, so it seemed...So yes, very odd...

Your weekly cheezburger contains all the ingredients for mirth and merriment! Even a bit of topical stuff in there too, so do keep an eye out for that! Oh yes and plenty of Time Lord goodness with a rare treat; Cybertron!
Hmm...But shall I shred first?
Aw, he's wearing a collar and tie! Wait-a-minute; who wears a collar with no shirt?!
I'll keep him posted...
Brownies...They are THAT cool. Simple.
See...Topical! Or slightly debatable...? Discuss!
And here's some madness-relief!
"They're trousers!"
The driver can't help it if your instructions aren't clear!
But Head-Bangers always seem stressed! Oh, I see...
I see the sixth dimension! It burns!
Give that man a free taco!
Funnily enough, that looks like the same type of crane from 'Terminator 3'...
Oh Beatrice, when will you learn...It's your SISTER who needs some ridicule! Start with a real face-hugger...
Horatio Caine - Enough said.
Speaking of which, 'Johnny English Reborn' will be on it's way soon!
I thought he was "rubbish at weddings"! (He's 'dropped in' on at least four other than his own that we currently know of!)
WHO YOU GONNA CALL...?! Oops, wrong franchise!

So that's your lot for this week! Now then, my younglings, what have we learnt? That's right; not all Karma is as touchingly-funny and lovely as 'My Name is Earl'...Want some really interesting Karma? The Empire blew up Alderaan, killing millions...Both Death Stars blew up, killing thousands, which means the Rebels still had a long way to go to reach the Imperial level, but there-in lies another lesson; because they didn't.

I shall leave you pondering like Yoda at that thought...

(Unless you want an awesome reminder of the stuff that's going to happen this year! See top of post for details.)

Brough to you by 'ACTION DOCTOR'! Spread the Word, Not the Disease! *Thumbs up*

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  1. Haha! I wish I was there, im sorry I missed it. I love the idea of it, reminds me of Doc Worth in Hanna is Not a Boys name! I'm sure your victims...-Patients- even are fine...I hope.