Sunday, 13 March 2011


Now then, to spread the joy, my Twitteroo has been filled with Tweets relaying my favourite pics from at regular weekly intervals on Sundays...However, I haven't been on it for some weeks now and since I've now started the Blog, I have a good reason to break the haitus! Huzzah!

I would've started this post earlier, but it's still before 0600, so I say it's still Sunday, according to the TV schedules!

So here we go, my pick for the three of four weeks I've missed...With my own comment beneath each!
Gone crazy - Back in ten minutes!
I say, old bean! Capital idea!
But...He was just hailing a taxi!
Hmm...There's a Cat O'Nine Tails joke in here, too...
So...If you have no hypertension, logically you'd...melt?
The nemesis of the average 9-to-5 worker strikes again!
I sense Tim Vine within!
Obviously, he heard...
Well, if the American Military wants respect from other nations, this is certainly an option!
"Here come' the Judge, here come' the Judge! Order in the Court-Room, here come' the Judge!"
Are you totally sonic-ed up?
Because they're cool.
Ahh, genuis...
Wait until you see his coffee table!
Hope the image was voodoo-enabled!
Certainly something there...
You know, I never noticed before!
I think he means it, too!

So there you go for this Sunday...And I've realised the time; I think I nodded off! Ah well, better late than never! Hope you enjoy! :D

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