Saturday, 2 April 2011

"Music Matters!"

I thought I'd post something new apart from the weekly Funday thing...Yeah, probably for the sake of it; let's break some patterns! Oh yeah; rebellious!

But it's a good time and place to give a shout to my two new followers; two very awesome people who just happen to be twins! (I know, right?!) Anyway I've only met them recently but they both have been such great joys to add to the day (which is any day, really).

And in regards to this post title; they've also just served as some inspiration for me to pick up my guitar after a month or two...See Chess is learning guitar and hopefully I can show her what I know (hope that doesn't sound like bragging) because I believe that to share what you know is yet another source of inspiration (even though she's already started learning!) I can't remember what inspired me to start playing the guitar (probably wasn't inspired, I think I was only seven...or was most likely one of those interests that still Star Wars), but isn't the fact that it's a mystery the best way to look at it?

So there you go...Tash and Chess; a pleasure to know them! Hopefully we'll be jammin' together soon because...*puts on shades*...they rock! *YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!*

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