Wednesday, 6 July 2011

"Thanks for the advice...!"

Haven't posted in a while, so I thought start off by welcoming my brand spanking new follower Sarah (whom I've actually known for years, now) and to say to you other three; be kind! Otherwise, she'll use the word 'meanie' and disguise the evilness by being oh-so-innocent! (It works, actually!)

Now then! Where would we be without a few rules? Yes, Al Murray could very well tell you, but you need a bit of order, even if it's for the simple things...

As inspired by 'NCIS', 'Star Wars' & 'Sherlock' (and maybe a little from the great James Arnold Taylor), I have created a set of 'rules' that I believe can get one through the trials and tribulations of life as we know it! I'm not saying you have to follow them of course, but it's just another thing I could maybe inspire somebody with!
#01: Know your limits/’Know thyself’
#02: Be positive
#03: Exercise discipline
#04: Always listen
#05: Always observe
#06: Be Responsive
#07: Be upfront
#08: Never underestimate
#09: Happiness can be infectious; spread it!
#10: Unless there’s a damn good reason not to, always accept an offer
#11: Fair trade
#12: It’s illegal for a reason
#13: Your decision, your responsibility
#14: Your responsibility, your decision
#15: No-one is below you
#16: If someone looks like they need a hug, give ‘em one
#17: If you love someone, tell them
#18: Seek closure...If successful, walk away
#19: Life lessons aren’t taught, they are experienced
#20: Nature is precious; preserve it
#21: Appreciate and respect what you have
#22: A dream is only limited by your reality
#23: Never think you’ve done your best; otherwise, you’ll never do any better
#24: Mathematics and science; they work!
#25: You can’t argue with facts (opinions, however...)
#26: Accept others’ beliefs and views
#27: When making a point, offer something to think about
#28: The arrogance of some blinds the wisdom of many
#29: There are always alternatives...Find them
#30: When all else fails, think logically, literally and laterally
#31: People lie...
#32: If there’s no reason to lie, why would you?
#33: Trust is a powerful ally; make sure you know who to give it to
#34: Can you ever truly know how somebody feels?
#35: If something seems too good to be true, make sure it is or not
#36: When it counts, be sceptical
#37: It pays to be thorough
#38: Remember time moves forward; you can only move forward with it
#39: Hope is always present; grab as much of it as you can
#40: A creative mind is a wonderful thing to utilise
#41: Focus; the mind must be clear in order to see
#42: You are your own unique, individual person, so be an original, not a copy
#43: Different is good; don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise
#44: Perseverance will get you somewhere
#45: Be prepared to face the unknown; the fear will turn into excitement
#46: It’s not the subject; it’s how you deal with it that matters
#47: Life is what you make it

If you think I've missed out any important topic or subject (I know I've forgotten at least one thing), please do let me know!

Until next time!


P.S. The Western is coming along nicely! The horses have names now! (Thanks to Sarah! Hehe)


  1. Mwahaha. I'm innocent I tell ya! Innocent.

    Loving all these rules.. I just need to point one thing out. Rule #12 - It may be illegal for a reason, but apparently it's still fun. :P Lmao.

    Nice post, happy I could help with the horse names. (:

  2. What about "never justify yourself, unless you feel it fitting"

  3. RE: wowgypsy

    Interesting...I've always thought that if you're clear about things in life for the right reasons, justification won't be required. ^_^

    But I see what you mean! Thanks X