Sunday, 24 April 2011

Funday 06 - "Roll out!"

What ho? Hark! I say! Etc! Yes, you read that correctly; this is an actual SUNDAY-Funday post!

Well! It was an incredible 'Doctor Who' yesterday with more twists and turns than a...Twisty-turny thing! But the day was great too, so it added to the enjoyment. Roll on next week! And how fun that next episode is entitled 'Day of the Moon'...Just a few letters away from the third Transformers film! Speaking of which, my Masterpiece Starscream came with labels and you had options to select which label design you'd like so I gave one for that Starscream and another set for my other Starscream! ^_^

ANYWAY, as a plus, episode three is all about pirates! The fourth 'Pirates of the Caribbean' film will be out soon! I can link them further! See in 'Pirates', *Captain* Jack Sparrow was given a Black Spot and as a result ended up in Davy Jones' Locker, which he was rescued from in the third film, and the third episode of this new series of 'Doctor Who' is entitled 'The Curse of the Black Spot'! (Confused? You will be!) Exceedingly incredible and incredibly exciting! Hehe

Onwards you say? Concurred!
I wonder how they'll interrogate them for the eggs...
Peter Pan or Vashta Nerada?
Beat it!
All ICHC queries go to this guy...Or his attorney...Depending on how legal the matter is...
And it needs to be a Meat Feast! Priorities, man!
Well, let's get your people to talk to my people and then we'll have a meeting about a meeting!
"Don't turn away!"
Wait until somebody gets 'fired'...!
So...Do I keep the shotgun?
Shades; you know what to do.
GOO! I mean, uh...WANT!
Did YOUR science teacher move a whale?
That staircase gives me an idea...
Christopher Lee...Enough said.
Time-Lord or Jedi...Not too much to ask for both?
You know how some conversations seemed 'Forced'...?

Sooner or later, the links will be actual linkity-links for ease! Anyway, another week done and...Aw it's after midnight! Was hoping to post before! Never mind, at least the day doesn't start until 0600! (According to the TV!) Better late than never, supposedly!

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