Sunday, 10 April 2011

Funday 04 - Inspired!

For this post, I'll take the opportunity to tell you about the famous I am following on Twitter...But wait! Not just any old famous people! In the spirit of this Blog, the following (pun intended) are ones who have been especially inspiring to their fans;

NOEL CLARKE!/NoelClarke - Always honest, regularly amusing and a true inspiration for UK film-makers and writers. Definitely wish I could meet him one day

TYRESE GIBSON!/Tyrese - Whilst his religious side always manages to creep into his Tweets, Mr. Gibson is great to turn to for some uplifting and enlightening views on life. I've nothing against religion per se (as I'm not religious myself), however I do believe it's good to have a little faith, whether it be in entities, yourself or others

DWAYNE JOHNSON!/TheRock - Three words have been making this awesome guy (and subsequently his fans) carry on and grab the bull (again pun intended) by the horns; 'Just Bring It'. Daunting day of work ahead? Just Bring It! Deadline closing in? Just Bring It! Continuous days of sunshine? Just Bring It!

LISA KELLY!/LisaKellyIRT - Yep, the female Ice Road Trucker and that's why she's such a positive and ideallic role model and she's also wonderful for her sense of adventure! With an occasional Tweet of awesomeness, she never fails to brighten the day! Okay, I may like her anyway, but she really is a great source of inspiration!

JAMES ARNOLD TAYLOR!/JATactor - My absolute favourite famous Tweeter; he has responded to me on numerous occasions, usually with words of advice and assurance. He loves his fans who love him back just as much (and why not; his voice-work is incredible! I would advise you to check out his work, stat! Haha) and his regular pearls of encouragement should always be taken note of! Also he's one of the main driving forces behind my interest in voice-work!

(And special Twitter mentions for Milla Jovovich, Stephen Fry and Edgar Wright! All for obvious reasons, of course!)

But there you go; my selection of famous-Twitterers that spread a vast amount of inspiration. Now then, onto the Funday as it's getting late!
Relax, return, repeat!
Shouldn't one side be white...?
They are no places for such atrocities!
'All that you touch, all that you sew...'
Only so much?
Republicans usually fall under this category...
Law: it works!
Never a truer sign posted...Just look both ways before crossing!
Don't you just love it when it all becomes clear?
So...I have part of a US supercomputer...?
"When THIS thing hits 88mph...!"
This is how Obi-Wan kept up to date on Tatooine.

And there we go for another week. And yes, do contemplate how awesome life is...Enough said! Until next time!

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