Thursday, 28 April 2011

"A 'marri-arge'..."

I do believe there's a wedding soon! Ah, that old chestnut...And Kate (Ay-thang-you!)

Anyway, just a quick post because after months of it, it will soon be over. Now I'm not to fussed with it as a national (or international) event (and to be fair, I'm glad I haven't been caught up in the madness), but on a human scale, I do believe that weddings are fundamentally pointless, especially within a nation with 'dissolved' Christianity...

But that's what's so great about them! Take any wedding that 'bonds' the right people and it's clear; all that meaningless ceremony with months of preperation; all that effort, just to tell your other half that you love them! (Humans can be weird, yet wonderful! Did I say 'humans'? I meant us...As intergalactic beings...)

Say what you like about the big Royal event, but on a humane scale and, as people that are in love, I propose a toast the happy couple and wish them all the best!

Oh by the way, the new 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' trailer has been released and it is MIND-BLOWINGLY AWESOME!!!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Funday 06 - "Roll out!"

What ho? Hark! I say! Etc! Yes, you read that correctly; this is an actual SUNDAY-Funday post!

Well! It was an incredible 'Doctor Who' yesterday with more twists and turns than a...Twisty-turny thing! But the day was great too, so it added to the enjoyment. Roll on next week! And how fun that next episode is entitled 'Day of the Moon'...Just a few letters away from the third Transformers film! Speaking of which, my Masterpiece Starscream came with labels and you had options to select which label design you'd like so I gave one for that Starscream and another set for my other Starscream! ^_^

ANYWAY, as a plus, episode three is all about pirates! The fourth 'Pirates of the Caribbean' film will be out soon! I can link them further! See in 'Pirates', *Captain* Jack Sparrow was given a Black Spot and as a result ended up in Davy Jones' Locker, which he was rescued from in the third film, and the third episode of this new series of 'Doctor Who' is entitled 'The Curse of the Black Spot'! (Confused? You will be!) Exceedingly incredible and incredibly exciting! Hehe

Onwards you say? Concurred!
I wonder how they'll interrogate them for the eggs...
Peter Pan or Vashta Nerada?
Beat it!
All ICHC queries go to this guy...Or his attorney...Depending on how legal the matter is...
And it needs to be a Meat Feast! Priorities, man!
Well, let's get your people to talk to my people and then we'll have a meeting about a meeting!
"Don't turn away!"
Wait until somebody gets 'fired'...!
So...Do I keep the shotgun?
Shades; you know what to do.
GOO! I mean, uh...WANT!
Did YOUR science teacher move a whale?
That staircase gives me an idea...
Christopher Lee...Enough said.
Time-Lord or Jedi...Not too much to ask for both?
You know how some conversations seemed 'Forced'...?

Sooner or later, the links will be actual linkity-links for ease! Anyway, another week done and...Aw it's after midnight! Was hoping to post before! Never mind, at least the day doesn't start until 0600! (According to the TV!) Better late than never, supposedly!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Funday 05 - "Trust me; I'm the Doctor!"

Yes, it's over a day late, but better late than never! Anyway, this will be the last post before the new Doctor Who series starts, so you will encounter some pics with a hint of Gallifrey in them! As a nice bookend, we both begin and end with Doctor Who-related captions...Hang on to your fez!
Cats can fit into objects smaller than themselves, anyway!
Aww, a snuggle of a snuggle of a snuggle!
The iceberg used to have an imprint that read 'CINATIT'...
"I couldn't have said it better myself!" - Dan Rowan
Funny thing is; that cat was Bill Nighy doing motion capture...
"Goodness gracious..."
Double Guevara...on the rocks!
But does the printer feel alright?
At least nobody said 'fire at Will'...
They ain't lion!
There's always one! (I'm one!)
THIS is why Canada is awesome! Apart from Ice Road Truckers, obviously!
You have been warned...
Yay! Happiness!
Aye sea!
WANT (Okay, I want a Star Wars variant, but it's still a WANT!)
Hint - He's in the border!
"Wrong Captain; wrong ship, Fett!...But I love the aesthetics; I must get the number of Picard's designer..."
If only...
Who is the Doctor in the House? What!

So there's another selection for another week...

Ooh, in regards to my previous post, I got a very nice thank you Tweet from James Arnold Taylor! See? Told you he was awesome! And he referred to me as 'friend'! Yay! So much respect for him; here's hoping to doing professional voice-work in the future for a chance to work with some of the greats such as he!

Best thing about voice-work is that it's so varied; animation, narration, imitation, exfoliation...*DRUM-ROLL* Anyway, the point is; it's a great option for acting and performing (and seriously underrated and under-valued), which is why so many actors and actresses favour the route! Just look at Mark Hamill; coming-of-nobility-hero for six years and soon after a psychotic super-villain for nearly two decades! (Speaking of which, if you liked Batman: Arkham Asylum, I strongly recommend veiwings of the trailers for Batman: Arkham City! Hehe)

I'm in a Star Wars/Doctor Who/Batman mind-set at the moment...It's like a massive No Man's Land of fan-fiction! Now, where's my Stetson...

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Funday 04 - Inspired!

For this post, I'll take the opportunity to tell you about the famous I am following on Twitter...But wait! Not just any old famous people! In the spirit of this Blog, the following (pun intended) are ones who have been especially inspiring to their fans;

NOEL CLARKE!/NoelClarke - Always honest, regularly amusing and a true inspiration for UK film-makers and writers. Definitely wish I could meet him one day

TYRESE GIBSON!/Tyrese - Whilst his religious side always manages to creep into his Tweets, Mr. Gibson is great to turn to for some uplifting and enlightening views on life. I've nothing against religion per se (as I'm not religious myself), however I do believe it's good to have a little faith, whether it be in entities, yourself or others

DWAYNE JOHNSON!/TheRock - Three words have been making this awesome guy (and subsequently his fans) carry on and grab the bull (again pun intended) by the horns; 'Just Bring It'. Daunting day of work ahead? Just Bring It! Deadline closing in? Just Bring It! Continuous days of sunshine? Just Bring It!

LISA KELLY!/LisaKellyIRT - Yep, the female Ice Road Trucker and that's why she's such a positive and ideallic role model and she's also wonderful for her sense of adventure! With an occasional Tweet of awesomeness, she never fails to brighten the day! Okay, I may like her anyway, but she really is a great source of inspiration!

JAMES ARNOLD TAYLOR!/JATactor - My absolute favourite famous Tweeter; he has responded to me on numerous occasions, usually with words of advice and assurance. He loves his fans who love him back just as much (and why not; his voice-work is incredible! I would advise you to check out his work, stat! Haha) and his regular pearls of encouragement should always be taken note of! Also he's one of the main driving forces behind my interest in voice-work!

(And special Twitter mentions for Milla Jovovich, Stephen Fry and Edgar Wright! All for obvious reasons, of course!)

But there you go; my selection of famous-Twitterers that spread a vast amount of inspiration. Now then, onto the Funday as it's getting late!
Relax, return, repeat!
Shouldn't one side be white...?
They are no places for such atrocities!
'All that you touch, all that you sew...'
Only so much?
Republicans usually fall under this category...
Law: it works!
Never a truer sign posted...Just look both ways before crossing!
Don't you just love it when it all becomes clear?
So...I have part of a US supercomputer...?
"When THIS thing hits 88mph...!"
This is how Obi-Wan kept up to date on Tatooine.

And there we go for another week. And yes, do contemplate how awesome life is...Enough said! Until next time!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

"Riddle Me This..."

I'm starting to wonder if I have an original thought rattling around in here...Ah well...

If you've looked at my Twitteroo-action recently, you'll have noticed I've recently started playing 'Batman: Arkham Asylum'. Reactions aren't very well documented confined to 140 characters (including spaces...the cheats), though I've tried, but yes! I give the game full appraisal! The creators must've sat down early in development and thought 'we need to reference every foe Batman has ever faced in one way or another...challenge accepted!' And seeing as the setting is where the foes usually end up, it's the logical thing to do!

Plus, the Spirit of Arkham has to be the most fascinating aspect...Especially when you see Amadeus' cell...I shall 'Hush,' now!

And because of the game, I now find The Riddler a most formidible and intriguing villain...The in-game artwork depiction of him (and voice) sends to mind a particular actor who I think would be suitable enough to play him if ever he was going to be re-done in live-action...

And in true Riddler fashion, I shall set a riddle-clue for you to discover which actor I've just mentioned:

'The Slim, Blue Crane...Such characterising features.'

If you get it, do comment with the answer! I shall applaud you at the least! Haha

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Funday 03 -

Two consecutive posts...Wow, I must be on to something! Haha not really, but I simply had to post the previous post, although now it means I don't have much to say in this one...Hmm...

Whilst I have a think, do enjoy a link!
Simply...We must find him!
Now that's a diet we can adhere to!
'Thousands of years ago cats were worshipped as gods; they have never forgotton this...'
Hmm...Either that implies 'take it easy' or 'you fail'...I'm going with the former!
Putin wins...Simple
Yeah! Fight the...WAIDAMINUTE...!
President Obama tells the truth.
So...No chance of lighting up, then...?
Sorry, did you have an arguement...?

And that's it for another week; not a lot this time as you can see, but it's something! Ooh as a bonus, I found this song...It's AWESOME! 'Rock you Like a Hurricane' by Scorpions! Perfect to listen to whilst you're driving along or doing something at high speed!
Now to learn some of those riffs on the guitar...Ciao!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

"Music Matters!"

I thought I'd post something new apart from the weekly Funday thing...Yeah, probably for the sake of it; let's break some patterns! Oh yeah; rebellious!

But it's a good time and place to give a shout to my two new followers; two very awesome people who just happen to be twins! (I know, right?!) Anyway I've only met them recently but they both have been such great joys to add to the day (which is any day, really).

And in regards to this post title; they've also just served as some inspiration for me to pick up my guitar after a month or two...See Chess is learning guitar and hopefully I can show her what I know (hope that doesn't sound like bragging) because I believe that to share what you know is yet another source of inspiration (even though she's already started learning!) I can't remember what inspired me to start playing the guitar (probably wasn't inspired, I think I was only seven...or was most likely one of those interests that still Star Wars), but isn't the fact that it's a mystery the best way to look at it?

So there you go...Tash and Chess; a pleasure to know them! Hopefully we'll be jammin' together soon because...*puts on shades*...they rock! *YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!*