Wednesday, 21 October 2015

If My Calculations are Correct...!

Great Scott! We're at the future! On precisely this date, October 21st, 2015 Marty, Jennifer and Doc. Brown arrive!

But you all know that, by now! Now, I can list comparisons to Bob Gale's 2015 to reality like video-calling, wearable technology, drones, bio-energy, etc. but lots of articles have done that...

Thing is, despite dedicating an episode of the Fandomain to Time Travel in which we talk Back to the Future's legacy, I don't have a lot to offer for today...So I prepared some photos of the DeLoreans I have for you all!

(The three 1:24 models were from my love, Kristyn! ^^)

And as a bonus...That time a couple of years ago when the National Media Museum hosted a free screening of the first film...A DeLorean came to visit, but I could only go as one kind of Doctor...

(In true time-travel fashion, I kinda predicted LEGO Dimensions before it came about! Hah!)

Happy Future Day, everyone!


Sunday, 18 October 2015

From Preston Comic-Con 2015!


Now then, with doing my radio programme at BCB (the hub of which is still here), it's encouraged me to DO SOME THINGS. So earlier this year, I realized that I could take the show on the road and grab an interview at Preston Comic Con this summer!

If you want to hear the result of my convention trip, GO HERE. It contains the Fandomain's very first celebrity interview!

Meanwhile, over here will be a few images from the event...Right now!

Waiting in line...Volunteer groups like the 99th Garrison
and the Judge Dredd guys entertain us whilst we wait!
But everyone wanted a pic with this fella; Lil' Star-Lord! He stole the show!
Inside the con! But this is only beneath the main area...
The arena! Look at the size of this thing!
Clever use of the space with the seats and stuff! ^^
As you may have seen, I went as my Doctor; the 9th Doctor! ^^
Doctor party; yeah! That brown-suited 10th was
the one in charge of that TARDIS!
And next to that TARDIS were a variety of props and models and stuff...
Some of which were on sale!
Two awesome ladies from the 99th Garrison passed
by; and I saw them at Burnley, last year, too! ^^
Time for a panel! This was the Doctor Who/Hobbit panel, and at this point,
we were awaiting the guest speakers Adam Brown (Ori), Sylvester McCoy
(Radagast/7th Doctor) & Sarah Louise Madison (Weeping Angel)
McCoy likes to spoon people. (You had to be there!)
The panel in the midst of discussion...And fez-fashion.
You can tell I was happy to meet the only other 9th Doctor there! ^^
Sarah Louise Madison! As a Doctor, I had to say hello to the Weeping Angel;
she revealed at the panel that her brother was a gas-mask child in The Empty
/The Doctor Dances! I didn't blink, but whoever took the photo must've done!
Was very keen to meet Mr. Ian Whyte! He has been the predators inAVP & AVPR
and also the Engineer(s) in Prometheus! Wanted a Fandomain interview, but he
had to decline...Still got to tell him about NECA's upcoming AVP figures! ^^
And finally met Nathalie Cox again! ^^ Thankfully, I managed to nab an interview
with her and that's what you hear on the related Fandomain episode! ^^
After all was done, I had to grab a pic of the Guild Hall building from outside.
Very apt that a Doctor was leaving in this image!
The NatWest branch in Preston...Now before you start, have another look; does that not
remind you of the 2015 town hall from Hill Valley...? Perhaps it's a sign of things to come!
So there you have it! If you want to, the Preston edition of the Fandomain is riiiiiiiiiiight here!

Until next time...If we have the time...! Give me 1.21 gigawatts and we'll have all the time we need! WE GOTTA GO BACK!