Wednesday, 6 April 2011

"Riddle Me This..."

I'm starting to wonder if I have an original thought rattling around in here...Ah well...

If you've looked at my Twitteroo-action recently, you'll have noticed I've recently started playing 'Batman: Arkham Asylum'. Reactions aren't very well documented confined to 140 characters (including spaces...the cheats), though I've tried, but yes! I give the game full appraisal! The creators must've sat down early in development and thought 'we need to reference every foe Batman has ever faced in one way or another...challenge accepted!' And seeing as the setting is where the foes usually end up, it's the logical thing to do!

Plus, the Spirit of Arkham has to be the most fascinating aspect...Especially when you see Amadeus' cell...I shall 'Hush,' now!

And because of the game, I now find The Riddler a most formidible and intriguing villain...The in-game artwork depiction of him (and voice) sends to mind a particular actor who I think would be suitable enough to play him if ever he was going to be re-done in live-action...

And in true Riddler fashion, I shall set a riddle-clue for you to discover which actor I've just mentioned:

'The Slim, Blue Crane...Such characterising features.'

If you get it, do comment with the answer! I shall applaud you at the least! Haha


  1. I have no idea, been trying to work it out, I must admit.