Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Writing, Writing...You Can Have that in Writing.

A-hello! Haven't spoken for a while...Okay; haven't written for a while...Fine! Haven't TYPED for a while! Happy?!

*AHEM* Anyway, hope all has been well!

Stuff's been slowly happening...Recently I received my first official Writers' Guild of America (West) certificate of registration. My first original screenplay has been accepted! Yay! Now all I can do is wait...

I know that it's a small chance somebody may happen upon it and think 'hmm...' in a very interested sort of way at the very least, but I like to imagine!

Consider; my script is set in the UK and it's not entirely clear because I purposefully left it ambiguous due to the secretive nature of the organisation within the script. However, somebody in the good ol' US of A may read it assume it's set in the US (actually, my good American friend Jimmy did just that...despite the English colloquialisms/dialects and equally English countryside...and a cup of tea), therefore, if they happen to like it and contact me about it, they're going to want it set in the USA as such...

Now then! I can imagine what sort of turn the conversation may take but I will defend the English setting to the last! If that fails, I will tell them something along the lines of; 'okay, let's say we do this in the US, I only want one thing in return...Milla Jovovich. You get Milla Jovovich for me as the main female lead and I will go over every page in the script and rewrite every English detail and change it to an American setting...instead of the countryside, I'll set in in Utah...I don't care, as long as you get in touch with Milla Jovovich...Or Kate Walsh...Or Olivia Wilde...Any of the three, actually...I can see either as a kick-ass mother!'

Basically, I know who I'd want if it was an American script! Still not sure who the English equivalent would be...Okay, challenge for you beautiful followers! The character is (Police) Sergeant Faye Templar; wife, mother-of-two, strong-willed, determined, fiercely loyal and loving (and, above all, English) and I would like you to come up with suggestions for which actress you think could fit the bill!

Suggestions on a postcard! (Or in the reply section...Whichever suits you) Pretty please?

Type you soon!


By the way, did I tell you I'm following Neil Gaiman on Twitter?
By another way, did I also mention I'm writing a Western script AND an epically-scaled science-fiction script?

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