Saturday, 21 May 2011

"Life will find a way..."

Okay, rapture nonsense out of the way! See we're all here! Isn't it wonderful? Can't see why silly religions all seem to strive for a purpose as to the existence of life in every way, shape and silhouette, because all that matters are the facts and the facts are that life on Earth was a simple accident, that's all...just a wonderful...barmy...baffling, fabulous accident! And here you all are!

See, you funny humans are the only beings on Earth to question their own existence; everything else on Earth, all other animals, they just 'are'...they live out their lives, accept it, no fuss and just love it and get on with it!

Yes...Sorry if this post reads a bit 'preachy' or some such, but I find it comforting and exciting to take a leaf out of our Time-Lord books; life is what you make it, so just live it! (That's why it's called 'life', apparently...) Enjoy!


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