Thursday, 5 May 2011

Here's the Thing...

Time flies, but it's good to know you're in the pilot's seat. (However, not everyone has a pilot's license!) And since September I've started flying a very vastly complex plane into battle. The take-off was great and some other pilots that I've met have been joyous to fly alongside with. But at the start of the new year, I accidentally flew the plane through a hailstorm of machine-gun flak.

I've tried as much as possible to regain control and fix the problems, but I *have* been trying to do this whilst a few thousand feet in the air! Fuel spilling, rudders blasted, air-pressure low and dropping...Now the wings are splitting and the engine has failed and I've been falling to Earth fast.

You know, some are qualified to fly the Harrier; but it's taken me until now that I'm not one of them, so now I'm hitting the ejector seat and saving myself before I crash and burn.

As you may have suspected, the above has been an analogy, but you may not have guessed what for...

I'm quitting my University course.

I've grown enough now to a point where I no longer have the drive for education, especially as it's voluntary (besides, what could I do with the knowledge that course dishes out; become another tutor and pass it onto more students within a cycle of tedium...) I feel the need to get major goals in life organised, so I have at least two major objectives; 1) Get work & 2) Learn to drive! (The Bradford Playhouse, where I volunteer, will have a post soon and my dear Uncle has offered to teach my driving 'when [I'm] ready'...And I feel I'll be ready VERY shortly!)

Inspiration? Well, I suppose this time it's about what we want...My decision comes after much deliberation and deciding what's important which crucially includes what I *want*. And I know I definitely don't want to continue with this course, as I know that it and I aren't compatible with each other.

I do respect the people who can and do tackle University. I also have respect not for those who think they need to do something when they so abviously don't, but respect for those who follow and chase their passions; the ones who hunt down their desires and strive for what they really want, so that they can aim high in their lives and have *careers* that they will truly enjoy.


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