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From My Tumblr: The National Media Museum

I created this post on Tumblr, but it's far too important just to link it, so here's the text and links:

"This is a call to all you beautiful fandoms and role-players and everyone in between affected by your love for your favourite television programmes, your favourite films, even your favourite photographers, musicians, artists…And anyone and everyone else.

This is one of the single, most important and personal posts I have done myself. And you all know I try not to ask much of my followers, but if anything, here is something:

Bradford, the city where I (and Naomi, a great role-player who some of you know) live has one of the greatest museums in the North of England; the National Media Museum. It houses collections and archives from films, TV and other walks of media, plus it houses three cinemas (one of them the biggest IMAX in Yorkshire…One of only two IMAX screens in Yorkshire, actually). It’s a major source of culture and education in Bradford and people from all over the country flock to it…Constantly.

Back in 1999, Pierce Brosnan hosted a grand re-opening of the Museum, and I went to see him in person (along with countless others).

In 2000, the Museum hosted ‘The Art of Star Wars’…A fantastic exhibit with a full-size podracer in the foyer! Star Wars alumni Anthony Daniels and Rob Coleman came along too! (Sadly I missed them…I was little then, anyway).

And on the 40th Anniversary of the cinematic Bond franchise in 2002, the Museum hosted a massive celebration and exhibition. (I went to see the exhibit…The DB5 from GoldenEye was there! Michael G. Wilson came along!

Then in 2009, Michael G. Wilson dropped by the Museum again for the Bradford International Film Festival. I was so lucky to have met him in person.

THE POINT IS…The museum is one of the major reasons Bradfordians still have pride in the city.

And it’s under threat from closure.

The Science Museum Group, who own the Media Museum, also own The National Railway Museum in York and the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. But more crucially, they own the Science Museum in London…And that’s where they want to move the NMM to.

Due to government cuts (whoops, forgot the ‘n’), the Science Museum Group have made dozens of people redundant and cut down plenty of services already…But now the government may introduce a further 10% cut in funding for this sort of thing…If that happens, one of the Museums in the North will certainly close.

The BBC news report.

And, frankly, the Director and Chief Executive of the Science Museum Group is really being a complete tit about it. He isn’t a Bradfordian, he doesn’t value the city (or people who live there) and he is gunning for the Media Museum to be the one that closes.

The local interview with the fool.

Yes, sack him, most definitely, but that doesn’t help the government potentially cutting funding anyway…

(See this, America, is why we’re so miserable; selfish gits and snobs who are only in it for themselves and have no clue about the people of the country they’re supposed to be in charge of…What a bunch of (insert curse here).)

The Museum has not just been a great hub of entertainment and education on the history of media, but it’s also a haven of the fandoms, the artistic, the creative, the people who love to express themselves and any other character they may cosplay as! (I remember when The Dark Knight Rises was showing at the IMAX…Lost count of the Batmans I saw walk out…In a single group).

Why, earlier this year, the Museum hosted a free screening of Back to the Future to which a replica Delorean Time Machine attended! And I went as The Doctor!

Speaking of the Doctor; the Media Museum has something planned for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary in October/November.

If the Museum closes, we may never get to experience it again.

So, just a simple ask, please sign the petition to help the Museum?

And/or this one? (It’s a more international petition from 38 Degrees)

More news and related info currently on the front page.

Thank you.


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