Friday, 22 March 2013

Customary Update - The Lonely Angel


Now then, I said I'd explain a lack of blogishness...Alright, couldn't be bothered BUT...!

Back in September, I decided to set up my own Tumblr. A Role-Playing Tumblr! For my part in celebrating James Bond's cinematic 50th, I was inspired by various Marvel-related role-playing Tumblr sites (Memos From Fury, SHIELD Human Resources, From the Desk of Deadpool, etc) to create my own!

Ladies, gentlemen and odd-things, I give you; Communiques From M!


Anyway, a look would be much appreciated! ^^ Quick word of caution; if you haven't explored the delights of Tumblr, it is a web-corner not to be treaded lightly! There are existential night-bloggers, role-play from multitudes of fandoms that do not have borders (seriously) and, of course, highly-clickable stuff! Enjoy if you must, but don't expect an early night! XD

Now then, on the fandom side of things, the Captain Jack/11th Doctor is nearly done and I have plans for other characters! Especially the Angel Castiel from Supernatural! It's my favourite show that I haven't seen a single episode of! I know plenty about it, but I'm finally going to actually start watching thanks to a friend lending me the first season! ^^

Also, because of the Supernatural goodness, another friend of mine and I will be planning a loving parody and he has a brilliant idea inspired by the show too...

In other words, stuff needs to be done! Onward!


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