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LEGO Jurassic Park...?

Yes, I know; two LEGO-related posts in a row, but fear not! (Okay, maybe fear!)

Now then, next year is the 20th anniversary of Jurassic Park! (I know, right?!) And that means surely someone, somewhere should be doing something special to mark the occasion, yes? Well, I haven't heard anything just yet, but I could very well imagine a merchandising company doing as such...

Back in 2001, after Jurassic Park III came out, LEGO decided to bring two sets out based on the film (I say 'based' because the Minifigure's didn't really represent any of the characters from the film) and both kits were designed to coincide with LEGO's 'Studios' sub-line (which also included Sam Raimi's Spider-Man), which was started by a set officially approved by Steven Spielberg...So Jurassic Park LEGO was a natural direction, despite there being only two kits for the third film.

As an interesting note, the the LEGO 'Dinosaurs' line also released in 2001 formed the basis of many subsequent animal/creatures in LEGO form (nowadays they use more unique moulds), and from that origin came the Dinosaurs featured in the Jurassic Park III sets:

And I say interesting because this year saw the release of another dinosaur line with new dinosaur moulds...Aptly called...

...Which has a similar 'feel' to Jurassic Park to be fair. See where I'm going? (Or hopefully where *they're* going?) ^^

As an added bonus, the hope of LEGO Jurassic Park is somewhat validated as the other LEGO Studios licence, Spider-Man, was revealed (again) at this year's San Diego Comic-Con (which is in the full swing of the third day as I type).

If LEGO *did* (re)do the Jurassic Park licence, it'd all make sense...As I say, 20th anniversary next year, kids love dinosaurs, hence the other dinosaur lines, and because of the theme, parents who have fond memories of Jurassic Park wouldn't say no (for either themselves or their kids, actually!) and it'd be great for the collectors too as they're usually willing to fork out the most money anyway. Plus, as with many licences LEGO has aquired over the years, an accompanying video game would be inevitable!

Alright...Getting excited for the potential so for the hell of it, here are some sets I would love to see:


- First of all, the very first scene in the film, when the 'Big One' is delivered to the Raptor enclosure. The set could potentially just be the crate with the Raptor inside, but it'd be cooler if we had the vehicle that carries it too (hence 'delivery'). The Minifigs included can be Robert Muldoon and another Park Employee (maybe the one that gets eaten) but as you'll see with 'RAPTOR ENCLOSURE', this one could just be a few Park Employees

- Now then, we all remember this moment, when we see a full-sized CGI dinosaur for the first time! That's why I'd be happy to have this just as the Brachiosaurus. However, taking the scene in, it'd be much better to include one of the Jeep Wranglers and the tree the big girl eats from too. Oh and she has to be to scale...The Brachiosaurus can be a model to build, or massively unique figure, but she has to be in scale with the Minifigures! Minifigs - John Hammond, Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler

- This is the one could be the first film's mega-set. It'd be good see it as a double-sided model, so that the front entrance/exterior is one side and then the other side is the interior with the two skeletons and the 'When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth' banner (and will need to be big enough for a T. Rex ;)). And parked outside will need to be the other Jeep Wrangler. Minifigs - Hammond, Grant, Sattler, Dr. Malcolm

- Like some Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings sets, this can be the first example of a kit that can combine/interact with another. And in this case, the set this one can interact with is 'RAPTOR DELIVERY'; the cage could be able to attach to the back of the enclosure. Minifigs - Robert Muldoon if any, because there could actually be none...The focus could primarily be on the animals, including two Raptors and the cow that feeds them

- One of the most iconic images of Jurassic Park that *isn't* a dino has to be the 'King Kong' sized wooden gateway. As such, it's probably one of the only sets that doesn't really need a dinosaur. And for variety, scale and interaction, this would include the first Ford Explorer. Minifigs - Malcolm, Sattler, Grant

- Most likely to be a popular set! Like the Brachiosaurus, the Rex can be a unique big figure (like the ones in the current 'Dino' line) or it can be a constructable model itself. It will have to include a variety of accessories such as the fence that she breaks through, foliage, the goat and most importantly, the toilet cabin (which would fall apart easily to reveal the loo)! The other main feature of the set would be the other Ford Explorer to be destroyed by the Rex. Minifigs - Lex & Tim Murphy, Donald Gennaro

- Okay so this could probably do without the 'Encounter' half as the 'Dilophosaurus' is long enough already! But this could easily be one of the smaller sets with the biggest part going to the Jeep Wrangler. But also including the dock sign and the Dilophosaurus itself. Minifigs - Only one of course; Dennis Nedry

- Another potentially very popular set (and...More Raptors! Why not) with loads of kitchen accessories and the walk in (or 'slide-in' if you're big 'n' scaly enough) freezer. But definitely the door...If anything, the door needs to be there! Minifigs - Lex, Tim (and the two Raptors, naturally)


- The first scene in the film. Could also be the smallest too; all you really need is Cathy, the foliage and the pack of Compsagnathus', (you could include her family and the dinner set-up, but that wouldn't be why you'd get this one). Minifigs - Cathy Bowman, lots and lots of Compsagnathus'!

- The main attraction for this will obviously be the Stegosaurus. But preferably it would have two adults (again, to scale with the Minifigs...So, quite big) and the infant, including his little mound/nest, the stream and the fallen tree trunks (most prominantly the one Sarah crawls into). Nice and simple! Minifigs - Sarah Harding, Dr. Malcolm, Eddie Carr, Nick van Owen

- Based on the scene in which the 'other team' arrives. It'd feature one or two of the many vehicles they use to capture unsuspecting dinos. Primarily it'd be good to see the Hummer H1 'Snagger' with the Pachycephalosaurus (yes I have spelled that correctly! Haha) but it could also feature the Hunters' Jeep Wrangler (with the roof-hinged bar-doors and/or out-sliding passenger seat) and a Parasaurolophus too! Minifigs - Roland Tembo, Deiter Stark, Carter, Dr. Burke (y'know the guy with the beard, long hair and the cowboy hat...Easily done now LEGO have the 'Middle Earth' Dwarves and Wizards!)

- Okay, maybe this one needs a better name, because it sounds like John Barrowman's hitting the streets! Anyway, it's the 'other team's' base and really needs the Triceratops...Mainly crashing through the set up that Ludlow has. All it needs is to recreate that set-up actually, with the little ampitheatre and caged Compsagnathus' and such...Plus maybe it needs that satellite-dish-wielding Hummer H1 too so the Triceratops can smash that as well! As a bonus, the three-horned dino can have his cage too! Minifigs - Peter Ludlow, Cameraman, Deiter

- The first of a two-parter and we'll get to the second half in a moment! This is the Fleetwood RV Mobile Lab (y'know, with the segmented middle), which in my opinion, would make for a fantastic LEGO vehicle (both inside and out). The baby T. Rex would *definitely* have to be part of the set too, along with Mummy T. Rex (because she's 'very angry' of course) and the 'Observatory' Mercedes M-Class SUV that she throws over the cliff. Minifigs - Dr. Harding, Nick, Malcolm

- Like the 'Observatory', this is one of the two M-Class Mercedes SUVs known as the 'Convertible'. It's the one Eddie drives and tries to save the Mobile Lab with, which is where the second of the two-parter comes in! The car would have a hook to connect with the RV and perhaps most importantly, it would be accompanied by the Daddy T. Rex! So combine the two sets and you'll get the 'over the cliff' scene! Also, for it to work brilliantly as a seperate set, it'd be nice to include the 'High Hide' and the tree it's winched to, with Kelly. Minifigs - Eddie, Kelly Malcolm

- Based on the ambush outside the Operations Building. Many possibilities for the environment, but the abandoned SUVs, the bone-yard and the shed that the ladies try hiding in are a must. With three Raptors for good measure! Minifigs - Ian & Kelly Malcolm, Dr. Harding

- This would have to be the mega-set for The Lost World. Aside from the ship, it would need the Male T. Rex and the (destroyed) dock for it to step out on. Possibilities could include the Baby T. Rex, Ian & Sarah's car and a backdrop to represent San Diego. Minifigs - Ian, Sarah, Peter Ludlow (and parts of dead ship crew! Hehe)


- First of all, this would be an update of set 1371 mentioned/shown at the beginning of this post. And updates include the plane, which needs to be bigger and more to scale, the tree it rests in and, most importantly, the Spinosaurus (HUGE). Second of all, this is the third film's 'one-half' set! Minifigs - Udesky, Nash, Billy Brennan

- "Nobody move a muscle!" Because here's the second half! For obvious reasons, we need the T. Rex, but also the carcass it feeds on and plenty of foliage to surround it (otherwise there'd be no 'surprise'). You'd be able to put this together with 'PLANE CRASH' for the ultimate Spino vs. Rex smackdown! Speaking of which, throw in a few 'collapsable' trees in there too! Minifigs - Dr. Grant, Paul & Amanda Kirby

- This could be a very interesting interior model. The tanks and egg chambers in the lab would be cool to see in LEGO. Naturally, there needs to be the Raptor that hides behind one of the tanks and for fun, it could have the two vending machines that Paul tries (and Billy succeeds) to get snacks from. Minifigs - Dr. Grant, Paul & Amanda Kirby, Billy Brennan

- Yes, we're at the customary Jurassic Park kid! Haha. But this could be interesting as it could be a fully mobile model than can simply be covered in growth to render it immobile...Similar to how one of the X-Wing LEGO sets was designed (with removable greenery). It should include all the accessories you see in the truck in the film too. Also..."Compys!" Minifigs - Dr. Grant, Eric Kirby

-  This one wouldn't really need Minifigures actually (and if not a full-size set, then a mini or mid-sized set would work just as well). The attraction with this is simply having your Spinosaurus crash through the security fence. The novelty with this is that it could challenge the builder to create a better fence to see how strong it needs to be to stop the Spinosaurus! Minifigs - None (unless it's a mini-set then the Spino itself would be a Minifigure...)

- The third film's potential mega-set. Pteranodons are a must, of course. I'd say at least three adults and the nest of little nippers. The bridge will have to be included as will the rickety stairs and walk-ways. Oh and Billy needs his parachute too! Plus it'll need the ominously opening gate! Minifigs - Paul, Amanda & Eric Kirby, Dr, Grant, Billy Brennan

- Not what you think! There's only so much epic Spinosaurus we can take in! Hehe Anyway, this the moment the multiple dino-heards have converged on the river-bank to have a drink. Along with the boat, you'd have a Brachiosaurus and unique for this one, the two Ankylosaurus' too! And a river-bank! The boat would also be made to be pulled apart by the Spinosaurus too ;). Minifigs - Paul, Amanda & Eric Kirby, Dr, Grant

- Potentially the smaller of the Jurassic Park III sets. Apart from from a sandy base plate and surrounding foliage, you attraction would be the pack of Raptors and the eggs...Therefore it would be one of the smallest sets, with more Raptors than any other! Minifigs - Paul, Amanda & Eric Kirby, Dr, Grant

So there you have it! My ideas for the potential of LEGO Jurassic Park! Let's hope we get news of at least something for the 20th anniversary by the end of this year! And if not LEGO, then Hasbro still has the main JP toy licence, so I'd be perfectly happy with KRE-O Jurassic Park as an alternative! ^^ Any other ideas for potential sets/kits from the trilogy...?


(Images and links courtesy of Brickipedia & Park Pedia)

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