Wednesday, 21 October 2015

If My Calculations are Correct...!

Great Scott! We're at the future! On precisely this date, October 21st, 2015 Marty, Jennifer and Doc. Brown arrive!

But you all know that, by now! Now, I can list comparisons to Bob Gale's 2015 to reality like video-calling, wearable technology, drones, bio-energy, etc. but lots of articles have done that...

Thing is, despite dedicating an episode of the Fandomain to Time Travel in which we talk Back to the Future's legacy, I don't have a lot to offer for today...So I prepared some photos of the DeLoreans I have for you all!

(The three 1:24 models were from my love, Kristyn! ^^)

And as a bonus...That time a couple of years ago when the National Media Museum hosted a free screening of the first film...A DeLorean came to visit, but I could only go as one kind of Doctor...

(In true time-travel fashion, I kinda predicted LEGO Dimensions before it came about! Hah!)

Happy Future Day, everyone!


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