Monday, 4 June 2012

To: Riddler - New Message

TO: Commissioner Gordon, Gotham City Police Department (
SUBJECT: Riddler


Hope the clean-up's been going well. Me and my boys are just about finished with the Riddler...But we found this hacked transmission on one of his computers. It arrived after we did, so I've made sure he hasn't seen it:

Hello again, Mr. Nigma.
I've been enjoying your work in Strange's facility. Pity he's no longer in the picture; he could've served you well. Anyway, now that you can have fun and free reign, enjoy whilst you can. But sooner or later you'll want to take up my offer. When you do, just respond to this message. An acquaintance of mine will meet you in Arkham City. She may already be there, so I warn you now; do not harm, taunt or berate her in any way, shape or form (and that's not a warning from me). If she decides to let you live, she'll escort you to the outskirts of Blüdhaven, where I'll show you secrets that could never burn to the ground.

In the meanwhile, here's fun; I'm assuming you *still* haven't worked out who the Batman is, so here are five clues (and yes, that means I discovered who his accomplices are too...See if you can. I'll admit the last one was difficult to uncover, even for me).

BATMAN has been commended evicting Oswald Cobblepot from Gotham's Zoo. Staff are keen to thank him in person and have invited him to the Spring season, when many of the animals will emerge from hibernation. A great time to witness NEW YEAR CUBs, as many will agree. So far the Dark Knight hasn't yet responded.

NIGHTWING, the defender of
Blüdhaven, has had a very challenging upbringing. If you caught him at the right moment, his clothes could sometimes be found SOAK'D from CRYING. Yet he still managed to fight crime...How professional.

ROBIN is the Caped Crusader's third little helper. It's almost as if they go to the same secret ID MARKET trader to keep the illusion that the Boy Wonder has always been the same person.

CATWOMAN has been thieving across the States, trying to find the ultimate prize. In fact, the City of Angels was the most recent target; KEY LA LANES on the 405 were closed off, due to an incident with the Governer's car...

AZRAEL, the warrior of purity, has also been seen around the country, though his appearences are very fragmented. Some even say he appeared in California with the Cat...If so, he's filling a MALE LA NICHE of vigilantes.

I'm waiting.


Sir, I believe this is the same contact your department's been looking for. I'd be happy to volunteer to help in Blüdhaven...Anything's better than this place! As for those puzzles, I'm sure there's a clue with the words in capitals:

ROBIN            - ID MARKET

My guess; anagrams, probably of names. I think we should keep this between us, because you and I both know that Batman is doing the right thing. If we ever find out who he or the others really are, we'll want to protect them, right?

At least we know why Mr. Nigma hasn't tried to escape AC. By the way, you can come and pick him up now. Somehow I don't think he's going to resist arrest...!

A. Cash

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